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Provincetown, MA Local Provincetown Info - Travel Guide and Business Directory to P-Town

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Meet Spinnaker the Humpback Whale
The Center is home to the fully preserved skeleton of a humpback whale named Spinnaker. Spinnaker was an 11 year-old humpback from the northern Gulf of Maine. During her short life she was entangled in fishing gear at least four times, and was freed by the Center for Coastal Studies Marine Animal Entanglement Response (MAER) team on three of those occasions. Spinnaker died in 2015, likely as a result of injuries sustained during her entanglements. Her skeleton - including the tangle of line and net embedded in her skull - is a clear reminder of what we need to do to protect whales. Spinnaker's story highlights the strength of collaborative research and response efforts and is a remarkably detailed example of the life of whales in the modern world. The Spinnaker exhibit is open Monday - Friday from 10 am - 4 pm year round, on Sundays through July and August and on Saturdays in June and September. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated. For additional information visit our website, email ccs@coastalstudies.org or call 508-487-3622 x104.

When: Jul 19, 2018 12am to Aug 31, 2018 12am in Provincetown, MA

Great Music on Sundays @5 presents "THE BEAUTY OF BAROQUE"

Although Bach and Handel were born in central Germany in the same year, they never met. Handel was an international star who worked in Hamburg, Rome and London. Bach never traveled more than 200 miles from his birthplace. Handels vocal writing was unsurpassed in the Baroque era; his arias might be languid or filled with lament or bristling with anger and intense vocal flourishes, and they are always fascinating. Internationally acclaimed countertenor Christopher Lowrey will sing a bouquet of his favorite Handel arias from operas and oratorios. Frederick Jodry will play Bachs astonishing preludes and fugues from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II. "Here surely is the emerging countertenor of the decade, with beautiful, seemingly effortless sound...." - Bachtrack "Blessed with a voice of pure honey, he gives a world-class performance.... Don't miss him, he's going places." - Limelight Magazine

When: Aug 19, 2018 5pm to Aug 19, 2018 6:15PMin Provincetown, MA
Cost: 15 - 20 USD

BROKELAHOMO! - Provincetown

"COMIC MAYHEM! A ROLLICKING GOOD TIME!" - Boston Globe "SKILLFULLY HITS THE BULLSEYE!" - broadwayworld.com "A SHARP, FUNNY SATIRE WITH HEART!" - EDGE Boston Brokelahomo is a town in trouble. Overrun by dirty, outlaw gays, the few law abiding citizens left must spend their days dodging bullets, putting out church fires and fearing for their pets lives. That is until a heterosexual is sent for. Enter Dusty Rhodes, the unlikely hero of this far out fable set in the groovy 1860s! Will Dusty clean up the town? Or will the gay cattle rustlers and homo hoodlums head him off at the pass? These questions and more will all be answered with a hearty Yippee-I-Oh-So-Gay! in BROKELAHOMO! Running every Sunday night at 7:30pm, June 24th thru Sept 9th, at Fishermen Hall (the old Provincetown High School) ***Please be advised that this production includes use of a strobe light, as well as MANY gunshots*** We offer THREE types of tickets for this show ... GENERAL ADMISSION - Please be aware! - General Admission seats are NOT "assigned" seats! They are first come/first serve and are usually located BEHIND all V.I.P. seating. THESE TICKETS ARE = $49.99 V.I.P. SEATING - V.I.P. seats are RESERVED SEATS. These seats are ASSIGNED with your parties name on the back of each seat. However, we require that you purchase ALL tickets (included in your party) under ONE NAME! Any V.I.P. tickets purchased under SEPARATE (will call) party names will NOT be seated together. IF YOU WISH TO SIT TOGETHER, PLEASE PURCHASE ALL YOUR TICKETS UNDER ONE PARTY NAME! THESE TICKETS ARE = $59.99 NEW! PREMIUM SEATING - "THE VERY BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE" - Fancy ladies rejoice! These seats are GUARANTEED to be UP FRONT (within the first 4 rows of the theater) and in the very CENTER! Yes, they ARE pricier, but the money goes to a good cause and you REALLY can't get any better than these lil' babies! THESE TICKETS ARE = $100.00 ***ATTENTION and PLEASE TAKE NOTE! - *Doors open 30 MINUTES prior to all shows! Curtain is prompt! Any and all V.I.P. Assigned seats NOT claimed by showtime (meaning 5 minutes prior to curtain) WILL BE FORFEITED! SO PLEASE BE ON TIME!!! *THIS SHOW IS INTENDED FOR ADULTS ONLY, AND CONTAINS THEMES AND LANGUAGE NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. CHILDREN UNDER 16 MAY NOT BE ADMITTED.

When: Aug 19, 2018 7:30PM to Aug 19, 2018 9:30PMin Provincetown, MA
Cost: 49.99 - 100 USD

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About Provincetown, MA
Provincetown is the last community located at the tip of Cape Cod. Although Provincetown was not founded until 1727, Bartholomew Gosnold arrived in Provincetown Harbor from Maine in 1602. The Mayflower docked for the first time in the Provincetown harbor in 1620 and is the official first landing of the pilgrims.

Over the years during the 18th century, the town's population fluctuated along with the price of fish. Aside from fishing there was farming which was the next most important thing and there were some salt works and one mill.

A wealth of art and preserved momentous buildings combined with the lure of the sea help Provincetown to maintain a vast tourist and summer home industry. Provincetown offers history, shopping, great restaurants and the smells and sounds of the ocean from all directions.