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Brewster Massachusetts Information - Local Guide & Business Directory to the Town of Brewster

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The Statewide Metro-Boston Against the Tide
MA Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) will be holding its annual, statewide Against the Tide multi-sport event again in 2018. Proceeds benefit MBCC, which is the state’s leading breast cancer organization that seeks to understand the causes of breast cancer in order to find ways to prevent the disease. This family-friendly and inspirational event brings people from all demographics together with one goal in mind: breast cancer prevention. The event consists of several activities including stand-up paddleboard, competitive and recreational swims, recreational kayak, a fitness walk, and USA Track & Field certified 5K/10K runs. The event also offers an Aquathon “Splash and Dash” component, where participants “splash” in the competitive 1-mile swim and immediately “dash” in the 5K or 10K run (chosen by the participant). Participants of all ages and abilities can choose to participate in up to 3 of these exciting activities. There is truly something for everyone!Register at www.mbcc.org/swim or call 1-800-649-MBCC (6222).

When: Jun 16, 2018 7am to Jun 16, 2018 12pm in Brewster, MA
Cost: Participants may register as an individual or as part of a team. Registration is $40 per adult per event activity ($80 for Aquathon) and $25 per student per event activity ($50 for Aquathon) up to a maximum of 3 events. We encourage all participants to fundraise beyond the registration minimum, as all proceeds support the MA Breast Cancer Coalition. Prizes will be awarded to the podium finishers and top fundraisers. Those who cannot attend are invited to make a pledge to a registered participant or team.

Wingmasters 1pm


New England Birds of Prey

with Julie Anne Collier and Jim Parks of Wingmasters,

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 1pm

Birds of prey are also known as raptors, and they are hunting birds characterized by hooked beaks and powerful grabbing feet armed with sharp talons. Raptors can also boast the best eyesight and the sharpest hearing in the animal kingdom. Raptors include hawks, falcons and owls, and this presentation, which incorporates 7-8 live birds of prey, gives an overview of these different categories. The program is designed to explain predation, the birds' place at the top of the food web, their different hunting adaptations and their status in a rapidly changing world. Because many birds of prey are declining in number, this presentation also features one or more of the endangered raptors that WINGMASTERS cares for, and explains why these species face an uncertain future.

Julie Anne Collier and Jim Parks of Wingmasters are dedicated to increasing public understanding and appreciation of North American birds of prey. They are both licensed raptor rehabilitators based in MA. Most of the birds they rehabilitate can ultimately be released back into the wild, but in some cases the birds are left permanently handicapped. Julie and Jim are further licensed to provide a home for these nonreleasable raptors, and to use them for educational programs. Join us for this fantastic program and a rare chance to see these powerful, beautiful, and magnificent birds up close!

AT THE DOOR: $15 / Show only: ONLINE: Members $10 / Non Members $12 

AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY: Museum admission/show combo for non-members

Adults $22 / Children ages 3-12 $16

RESERVATIONS Recommended / Space Limited For more information please call:

508-896-3867, ext. 133

When: Jul 10, 2018 1pm in Brewster, MA

Mike the Bubbleman! 2pm show

Mike the Bubble Man 


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Mike the Bubble Man brings science and magic to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History with his interactive indoor show about BUBBLES! In all shapes and sizes, bubbles come alive through music, choreography, and comedy igniting in the young and young at heart imagination and wonder. Come explore the shapes, color and chemistry of bubbles and a chance to experience the world from inside of one! Appropriate for all ages.



Show only: ONLINE: Members $10 / Non Members $12

ONLINE ONLY: Non-Members Museum admission/show combo

Adults $22 / Children ages 3-12 $16


For more information please call 508-896-3867 ext. 133

When: Jul 25, 2018 2pm in Brewster, MA

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About Brewster, MA
Brewster is a historic sea captains' town located on the Cape Cod Bay side of the Cape in Barnstable County. Brewster is proud of their award winning drinking water and two nationally acclaimed 18-hole golf courses as well as a great place for horseback riding and sailing.

Enjoy a number of interesting and historical attractions including the Cape Code Museum of Natural History, the New England Fire & History Museum, the Brewster Historical Society and the Crosby Mansion.

The Cape Rep Theatre often performs at the Drummer Boy Park also known as the playground by the sea. Experience "Brewster in Bloom" which occurs in April. It offers a parade and a chowder fest as well as a flea market with arts and crafts.