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Eastham, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Eastham Events
Sustainable Potluck Dinner
The Nauset Fellowship is hosting a Sustainable Potluck Dinner at 6PM, September 20 at the Chapel in the Pines, 220 Samoset Road, Eastham. Bob Wells, owner and chief designer of New England Biochar, will speak on empowering people people to sustainably produce and use biochar as a healing medium for our soil. Remarks will be followed by a potluck and attendees are asked to bring a dish to share. For more information go to www.nfuu.org, or Eastham Chapel on Facebook.Category: Community | Gardening / Horticultural

When: Sep 20, 2019 6pm to Sep 20, 2019 8pm in Eastham, MA

How 51 Pilgrims Changed the World

102 Pilgrims came on the Mayflower and 51 died the first winter. Leo Martin will talk about the effect this small band of Pilgrims had on the founding of our nation.  Presenter: Leo Martin, Director of the Jenney Museum Date: Thursday, August 22, 2019 Time: 7pm Place: Schoolhouse Museum Location: 25 Schoolhouse Road, Eastham, MA Leo Martin, an educator, and expert on the early history of our nation has been called "the last God-fearing guide in historic Plymouth, MA." While so many others are taking God out of the history books, Leo maintains that the Pilgrims and Founding Fathers established "one nation under God," founded on Judeo-Christian values. A true patriot and historian, Leo Martin is the Education Director at the Jenney Museum in Plymouth, MA, where he is known for his service giving historical tours and lectures dressed in Pilgrim costume. He is a champion of our nation's founding principles displayed in the National Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth. His book, "Pilgrim Pursuit of Happiness" talks about the five liberties the Pilgrims were searching for when they left the Church of England and came to the New World and is the subject of one of the exhibits at the Jenney Museum. An excellent storyteller, Leo and his wife Nancy speak around the country on a variety of subjects relating to the Pilgrims and the founding of our country. Leo and Nancy have been Married for forty-five years; have three grown children and four grandchildren. They have been working together at the Jenney Museum in Plymouth for eighteen years preserving the Christian heritage of our country.  

When: Sep 22, 2019 7pm in Eastham, MA

National Public Lands Day All-Cape Beach Cleanup in Eastham

Join us for a community-building event focused on our common responsibility to protect and steward our Cape environment!

When: Sep 28, 2019 9am in Eastham, MA

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About Eastham, MA
The Town of Eastham spans the arm of Cape Cod and is located on the lower Cape in Barnstable County.

Historical sights include the Three Sisters Lighthouse and Captain Penniman House along with the Eastham Schoolhouse Museum and the Tool Museum among many others.

The community offers many recreational activities such as numerous trails for hiking or walking as well as biking. There is also a significant number of historical cemeteries for all those who wish to trace their family roots.