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Groveland, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Groveland Events
Winter Nights East: A Bardic Challenge Event
A winter's day is made better by entertaining each other!  Please join us for Winter Nights East, where performers (storytellers, poets, singers, instrumentalists, dancers, etc.) will perform, and will set performance challenges for each other.  Performers are encouraged to evoke the time and place where their story is told, and new performers are encouraged to participate.

Challenges will take place in rounds:
* Round One:  Performers will perform a short (< 7 minute) piece of their choosing
* Rounds Two and Three:  Performers will be paired off, and can choose to perform a piece, or to meet a challenge from their partner. 
Site Opens: 10am (9am for setup)
Site Closes: TBD (7pm, or later if a feast is prepared)

When: Feb 9, 2019 12am to Feb 9, 2019 12am in Groveland, MA

Blair Witch Ghost Hunt

If you ever wanted to be a Ghost Hunter or if you are a Ghost Hunter, now is your chance to investigate a truly historic site. Join author, paranormal investigator, and radio host, Ron Kolek and the rest of the New England Ghost Project Team for a night of “Food and Spirits” at the Veasey Estate, the summer home of Haverhill industrialist Arthur D. Veasey. The house, which sits high atop of “Nun’s Hill”, was also once the home of the Little Missionary Sisters of Charity. The night starts with pizza and continues with team led paranormal investigations of the estate. With guides from the New England Ghost Project, you’ll use scientific and spiritual methods to investigate the Ghost trail and the haunted house on the hill. Uncover the mystery behind the haunting and survive the chilling night.  According to the care takers spirit activity abounds and many visitors to the house have had paranormal experiences of their own. So don’t miss out in this rare opportunity and help preserve the building because a portion of the ticket goes directly to the preservation of the park. The cost of this unique event is only $99. (For benefit of Veasey Park.) Tickets are limited, so sign up now! For more information on The New England Ghost Project go to: www.neghostproject.com For more information on The Veasey Memorial Park go to: www.veaseypark.org Veasey Park - 201 Washington Street • Groveland, MA 01834

When: May 17, 2019 7pm in Groveland, MA

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About Groveland, MA
Groveland was founded in 1850 and is located in the Essex County. During the 20th century Groveland changed from an agricultural community to one that is almost completely residential neighborhoods.

Groveland has open town meetings which residents note as “the fairest form of town government” as well as an excellent elementary school system which was independent until recently and is now a regional school district.

The townspeople are proud of their schools, friendliness of the town and recreational facilities along the Merrimack River.

Groveland has many State parks that support baseball and soccer fields, picnic areas and playgrounds as well as river boating facilities that are heavily used by residents.

A long time local official once stated in describing the community “you don’t feel like a stranger here!”