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Merrimac, MA - Local informations - Homes for Sale - Guide to the Merrimac, MA 01860

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Jesse & The Hogg Brothers- Xella- Bloody Kisses
Bloody Kisses, Jesse & The Hogg Brothers, Xella, and more

When: Nov 18, 2017 7pm in Merrimac, MA

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About Merrimac, MA
Merrimac Massachusetts was first settled by Europeans in the late 1650's and the colonists' main crop then was corn. Residents also pursued maritime trades that included fishing for salmon and sturgeon and shipbuilding as the town grew.

Merrimac also served as the distribution point for sugar and molasses from the West Indian trade. By the nineteenth century the principal manufacturing activity was carriage making.

By the Second World War Merrimac's growth was residential and it remains a principally residential community to present day. Join the local community and by searching for a Merrimac homes for sale in the town.