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5 BedroomBR Multi-Family HomeMulti - $315,000
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[re]fresh detox | with morgan avery
Morgan Avery is a holistic chef and health coach who works from the foundation that food is our medicine, and it affects everything from our skin, to our mood, to our risk for disease, and everything in between.  She designed this detox program as a way to help our bodies filter, break down, and eliminate the toxins that we encounter in our environment, in our food, and even in our homes. During the program, you will be eating real food from dozens of delicious recipes containing powerful nutrients that actually assist the body with  detoxification. This is a gentle cleanse using whole foods and a whole-life approach. But don't our bodies detoxify on their own? Yes! In a healthy body, the process of detoxification runs smoothly. However, our ancient bodies aren't exactly equipped to take on the toxins of the modern world, and they become overburdened. This can lead to a number of issues like weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, digestive issues, and mood swings. In fact, nearly every chronic disease on the planet has links to toxicity. All of us, even the cleanest eaters, can benefit from a seasonal "reset" - and that's exactly why this program was created. Past cleansers have reported improved mental clarity, increased energy, clearer skin, improved sleep, reduced bloating and digestive upset, reduced mood swings and irritability, released extra weight, deconstructed cravings, and identified previously unknown food sensitivities.  This program is not about restriction or counting calories, nor will you need to purchase any pills or powders. Just real, whole foods, and the support of Morgan, who will teach you how to make clean eating EASY, time-saving, and enjoyable! Week 1: detox 101, set intentions, begin to eliminate/decrease sugar/caffeine/etc., Q&A Week 2: full-on cleanse begins, discuss obstacles (eating out, parties, travel, etc.), demo recipe Week 3: 2nd week of full detox, focus on self-care, how to get the most out of it Week 4: begin reintroducing, identifying sensitivities, long-term habits and "new normal," celebrate!

When: Jan 18, 2018 6:30PM in Amesbury, MA

The Little Mermaid General Admission Ticket Sales (Friday PM)

When: Jan 19, 2018 12am to Jan 19, 2018 12am in Amesbury, MA

The Little Mermaid General Admission Ticket Sales (Saturday PM)

When: Jan 20, 2018 12am to Jan 20, 2018 12am in Amesbury, MA

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Amesbury Fairfield Inn Hotel by Marriott 
35 Clarks Road
Amersbury, MA 01913

Amesbury Fairfield Inn by Marriott Hotels
The Fairfield Inn hotel by Marriott offers smoke-free guest rooms with free High-Speed Internet Access and a complimentary deluxe hot breakfast. Located in the Amesbury just 5 miles from historic Newburyport.
About Amesbury, MA
Amesbury Massachusetts is a suburban community with an unusual industrial and manufacturing history. Among the most interesting of Amesbury's products were the carriages which did achieve some renown in the area.

Into the 20th century this same company made the transition by converting its production to automobile bodies. Auto body making was a major industry in the town up until the Great Depression of 1929.

Amesbury is located at the crossroads of Interstate 495 and 95 and gives the town a competitive edge for both residential and commercial development.

Amesbury is built up with rich federal period residences which the community carefully preserves as its link to its past.