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Byfield MA Local Information and business directory for the village of Newbury

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Amazingly, there aren't any properties available for sale here right now. Clicking the link above will take you to real estate listings in other Massachusetts cities and towns.
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Byfield Events
Wild Maple Band and Oliver the Crow
Oliver the Crow - One thing is certain:  Oliver the Crow cannot be defined by genre, and yet is timeless, indelible. Kaitlyn and Ben have mastered the art of anchoring a folk song in epic pop sensibility, and it is so fun to hear them smash all the rules.    "AN INSPIRED COLLABORATION... - NPR Wild Maple’s lively, acoustic, original sound is woven from a wide variety of musical influences, roots, blues, folk and classical. Every performance weaves a healthy dose of relaxed fun, humor and interaction with the audience. “They’ve got it all, superb musicianship and sterling vocals.” WILD MAPLE “wows audiences offering excellent originals and absolutely beautiful ballads.”

When: Sep 21, 2019 7pm in Byfield, MA

Lynne Taylor Band CD Release

Sonic Food for the Soul. A 2017 finalist in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and the Philadelphia Songwriters Competition, Lynne Taylor has been an important musical voice for 30 years. Her music has evolved as she has, and is always pushing boundaries in the realm of social and personal awareness. "Clearly, Taylor is a fearless singer-songwriter " - Julia R. DeStefano, The Boston Noise

When: Oct 5, 2019 7pm in Byfield, MA

Gentle Temper and The Hot Flashes

Gentle Temper- Ryan Meier and Marion Earley split from their respective bands to embark on a new project, Gentle Temper. Self-described as the ocean folk duo, over the course of their formation they explored newer, more intimate musical territory and have woven a new cloak from a stripped, lyrically-driven thread. “Wistful, harmony-drenched balladeers of the modern condition, these folks may become your new local favorites.” - Jason McCool, Aeronaut Allston The Hot Flashes- A tight vocal trio singing swing, jazz, bluegrass and pop channeling the Andrews Sisters. All three share a passion for acoustic music, and together they’ve perfected an impressive playlist . The Flashes are irreverent, energetic, and they’ve got a fantastic band. A unique and rousing music experience. " “There’s no auto-tune, no synthesizers. This is authentic music. The way music used to be…” - Hartford Courant

When: Oct 19, 2019 7pm in Byfield, MA

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About Byfield, MA
Byfield Massachusetts is a village of Newbury located in the Northshore of Massachusetts.