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Newbury, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Newbury Events
Quentin Callewaert Album Release Concert
Quentin Callewaert has released his first full-length album, entitled "Quentin Callewaert." Join us to hear Quentin perform - by himself, and with a three-piece band backing him up.  Net proceeds of tickets and concessions will benefit TMPO. Quentin will also be selling copies of his CD.

When: Apr 25, 2019 7pm in Newbury, MA

Live Painting with Artist Veronica Van Jura

Join us as local artist Veronica Van Jura hosts an interactive abstract art session at The Frye Company. Watch as Van Jura works with acrylic paints to create a new custom piece. Live creations are bold and exciting to watch – attendees will not want to miss this opportunity to witness her work and ask questions along the way as she completes a masterpiece!



When: Apr 28, 2019 12am in Newbury, MA

The Art of Pairing

Art is all around us, it just depends on what inspires you. What makes your mouth water on a cold bomb cyclone day in Boston might not be appealing at all on a hot July Sunday on the Cape. Just as weather impacts your appreciation of a meal, your choice of beverage can take a meal from good to great, or even from great to extraordinary. The art of pairing is an educational piece where you can learn the key to a successful meal–the passport for a beautiful harmonious marriage between food and drink. We will be serving Tenure Peach Fizz with smokey pulled pork sliders, Garden Punch- a Rosemary Rhubarb Lemonade, with cornbread, and a Coldbrew martini served with Pecan Pie! This event is 21+.


When: Apr 28, 2019 12am in Newbury, MA

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About Newbury, MA
The plantation of Newbury was founded as a town in 1635 and is located in the northeastern part of Essex County. Pawtucket Indians hunted and captured seasonal runs before settlers appeared.

As the town grew fishing - weaving - tanning and shoe making as well as small scale ship building became important industries. Farmers would raise cattle and sheep so by 1791 there were over 3000 cattle on the town lands. Around that time the town began to produce woolen goods made from the first American-made wool machines that also included snuff and chaises and slate.

The competition from England's woolen mills decreased the emphasis on woolens which led to the production of cotton fabric and was the beginning of a cooperage which is a machine made nail factory and scythe mill.

In 1844 James Steam Mills was began and in 1850 the railroads were in town, by 1845 45000 pairs of shoes were made. Soon the economy would swing back into agriculture and by the end of the 19th century there was a large shift into dairying. By 1905 instead of shoes there were 450000 gallons of milk were produced and poultry and eggs became a significant business.