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Boxford Massachusetts - Local information guide to the Town of Boxford

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Enhancing Pastures at Lillooet Farm
Join us at Lillooet Farm to learn how they are using rotational grazing to enhance their pastures and provide their sheep with healthy forage while minimizing inputs and improving soil health. During this event attendees will walk the pastures with Nathaniel and other members of the Lillooet team, and along the way will: Discuss their grazing plan, fencing systems and ways to save labor Speak about choosing livestock that fits the farm and maintaining a healthy flock Learn about the benefits to soil and biodiversity and how they are measuring the results of their regenerative farming practices. We will conclude with a tour through the main barn and view the dairy facility for a discussion session with about: Milking and storage systems Effects of forage and feed on the quality of cheese Creamery procedures and curing techniques Lillooet Farm is comprised of 100 acres of fields and forest in the town of Boxford, MA. The land has been used for homesteading and farming since 1688. Owners Gillian Marino and Nathaniel Higley have been working for four years to reclaim pastures that had been left fallow for 80 years. They raise sheep year-round in order to provide wool and meat for their farm store, local restaurants, and community. The most effective rotational grazing systems mimics the ecology of natural grasslands. By following an intensive rotational grazing program your livestock will eat a variety of forage and sequester considerable amounts of carbon in the soil. Lillooet Farm focuses on regenerative farming methods that minimize waste and emphasize quality. These principles and practices allow them to produce quality food while improving the biodiversity, soil, and watershed on the farm. They strive to be responsible environmental stewards and consider the humane and ethical treatment of their animals above all else. Instructor: Nathaniel Higley grew up in MA with goats, pigs, and chickens. He studied Environmental Studies and Economics at Hobart College, worked to develop sustainable transport systems in Boston, and returned to farming after meeting his wife Gillian. He has milked cows in Western MA, sheep in New York, and for the last four years has been working on improving the soil and biodiversity at Lillooet Farm. Erin Bligh grew up in Northeast MA and fell in love with cheese on a fateful trip to France. She started Dancing Goats Dairy in 2012 and by 2015 was milking thirty five goats and commercially producing award winning Chevre in Newbury, MA. Our tour of the farm will likely cover uneven, occasionally rough terrain. We want to make sure your accessibility needs are met during the event. Please share with us your needs regarding (but not limited to): physical accessibility, allergies, noise, scent, gender; intellectual accessibility, and any instructions or tips to help you fully participate.

When: May 31, 2020 1pm to May 31, 2020 4pm in Boxford, MA
Cost: 0 - 35 USD

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About Boxford, MA
Boxford Massachusetts is a sleepy rural town located just off Route 95. Boxford is chock full of protected land and trails so there are a lot of ponds and woods and pastures and open land. Each parcel of residential land is required to have a minimum of two acres so if space and privacy are what you value then this is the best place for you to set down roots.

Because of all of the open land and trails Boxford is an excellent town to raise horses and farm a little or just enjoy the open spaces. If you enjoy hiking and bird watching you should investigate the many excellent trails through the forests. An excellent place to start is Bald Hill Reservation located on Middleton Road just 1.6 miles form Exit 51 off Route 95. After your hike take a drive to Hansen’s Ice Cream Stand on Washington Street in West Boxford for some of the best home made ice cream you will ever taste.

Many of the homes here are upscale executive type dwellings but you can still find a mix of residences. Boxford is home to Masconomet Regional Schools which are considered one of the best public school systems in the state. All of these factors make Boxford a highly sought after address for families with school aged children. Come and visit Boxford but I warn you-you may want to live here!!