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Great Barrington, MA Local Information - Business Directory and Visitor Guide to the Town

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Season Pass Crescendo 2018-19
COMPLETE SEASON LISTING: SUMMER 2018 CHAMBER MUSIC CONCERT "Melancholy, Desire and Joy" The Sonatas of Corelli, Bach & Handel August 24, 6 pm Saint James Place, Great Barrington, MA August 25, 4 pm United Methodist Church, Lakeville, CT The warm and expressive tone of the Baroque flute (traverso) so moved its audiences when it emerged toward the end of the 17th century in Paris that it quickly became a very popular instrument there and in the rest of Europe. Corellis Sonatas Op. 5, originally written for violin, were arranged in his lifetime for the traverso. The Op. 5 collection is a masterpiece, and it influenced Baroque composers like Handel and Bach, who admired and studied them. Duo Les Inégales - Rodrigo Tarraza, traverso, and Christine Gevert, harpsichord, perform some of the greatest sonatas of these three composers. FALL 2018 CHAMBER MUSIC CONCERT "A Tribute to Wanda Landowska" Music by Froberger, and Louis and François Couperin October 6, 6 pm - Trinity Church, Lakeville, CT World-renowned Polish harpsichordist Wladyslaw Klosiewicz comes to Lakeville CT, former home of the visionary performer Wanda Landowska, to play works by Johann Jakob Froberger, Louis Couperin and Francois Couperin. The harpsichord was one of the most popular Baroque keyboard instruments. Its plucked strings have a rich sound, whose clarity informs the complex contrapuntal texture of Baroque music. Almost every baroque composer wrote for the harpsichord! The 17th century keyboard virtuoso Johann Jakob Froberger was the first composer writing titled, descriptive pieces for the harpsichord. He influenced his contemporaries, among them the French composer Louis Couperin and his famous nephew, François Couperin. The harpsichord suffered a long period of neglect through all of the 19th century. It was brought back to the concert platform by Ms. Landowska (1879-1959). This concert honors her legacy. This concert is funded in part by Narol Enterprise and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. FALL 2018 CHORAL CONCERT "The Sound of the Trumpet" Celebrating Life in England and New England November 10, 6 pm Saint James Place, Great Barrington, MA November 11, 4 pm Trinity Church, Lakeville, CT This program features two Requiems and two Jubilates of different eras. From the 17th century: Henry Purcells Funeral Sentences and Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary and Purcells Jubilate Deo, also written for Queen Mary the year before her death. From the 20th and 21st centuries: composer Scott Perkins A New England Requiem, his Jubilate Deo, and Sir John Taverners A Song for Athene, that was performed at Lady Dianas funeral. The Crescendo Chorus and Vocal Ensemble will be joined by soloists including internationally-renowned countertenor Nicholas Tamagna, period brass, strings, basso continuo and organ. Christine Gevert conducts. HOLIDAY 2018 CONCERT "Sublime Love" A Celebration of the Life of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz December 28, 6 pm Saint James Place, Great Barrington, MA December 29, 3 pm Trinity Church, Lakeville, CT Called The Tenth Muse and Mexican Phoenix, the nun Sor Juana Ines De la Cruz is considered one of the finest poets of the Spanish New World Golden Age. She was also a philosopher, scholar and composer. Her life will be depicted through music, artwork and poetry readings. Crescendo collaborates with El Fuego, an early music ensemble from North Carolina, in a program designed by their Artistic Director, Salome Sandoval. The program features a selection of sacred and secular cantatas from the 1600s New World Colonies, featuring vocal compositions by Tomas de Torrejon y Velasco and his contemporaries. Performers are the Crescendo Vocal Ensemble, Salome Sandoval (voice, baroque guitar and archlute), Malina Rauschenfels (voice and violoncello), and Christine Gevert (organ and direction). WINTER 2019 CONCERT "Concerto delle Donne"(Consort of Ladies) Revolutionary Italian Vocal Music of the late Renaissance February 16 (snow: 22) 6 pm Saint James Place, Great Barrington, MA February 17 (snow: 24) 4 pm Trinity Church, Lakeville, CT In 1580 in Ferrara, Italy, an ensemble of professional female singersprobably the first one of their genderbecame renowned for their technical and artistic virtuosity. This ensemble, the 'Concerto delle Donne', performed formal concerts for members of the inner circle of the Ferrara court and important visitors, and revolutionized the role of women in professional music. Sopranos Catherine Hancock, Rebecca Palmer and Jennifer Tyo, accompanied and directed by Christine Gevert on the organ and harpsichord, will perform works by the Ferrara court composer, Luzzascho Luzzaschi, as well as early Italian Baroque arias and duets by Monteverdi, Barbara Strozzi and others. SPRING 2019 CHORAL CONCERT "The Mystical 16" Psalm 116 in Motets from the 1616 Collection, and in Early and Contemporary Versions April 6, 6 pm Saint James Place, Great Barrington, MA April 7, 4 pm Trinity Church, Lakeville, CT In the year 1616 Burckhard Grossmann, a merchant from Jena, Germany, after surviving a near death experience, in gratitude commissioned 16 composers from central Germany to write settings of Psalm 116. Among them were master composers of church music such as Heinrich Schutz, Christoph Demantius and Johann Hermann Schein. Our program will feature motets from this collection by these three composers, as well as Gregorian Chant, and works by Benedictus Ducis and Orlando di Lasso and J.S. Bach. Modern settings of the psalm by composers Jonny Priano and others will use contemporary poetry written for Crescendo by Bruce McEver, Frances Roth and Juliet Mattila. Three works have been commissioned for Crescendo, and will be premiered at this performance. Performers are Crescendo Chorus, Vocal Ensemble and Soloists, with Period Instruments, directed by Christine Gevert. LATE SPRING 2019 CONCERT "Prince of Light and Prince of Darkness" Motets and Madrigals by Monteverdi and Gesualdo May 18, 6 pm Saint James Place, Great Barrington, MA May 19, 4 pm Trinity Church, Lakeville, CT Claudio Monteverdi lived in a time of great change, as the vocal polyphony of the Renaissance gave way to the textures of the early Baroque. He harnessed both styles with great skill, sometimes contrasting them in the same work, and wrote successfully in every vocal genre. His contemporary Carlo Gesualdo's vocal music is among the most experimental and expressive of the late Renaissance. One of the most obvious characteristics of his music is the extravagant text setting of words representing extremes of emotion. This program features sacred and secular motets and madrigals by the two composers. Crescendo Vocal Ensemble is directed by Christine Gevert from the organ.

When: Aug 24, 2018 6pm to May 19, 2019 8pm in Great Barrington, MA
Cost: 160 - 400 USD

Super Science Investigators

Super Science Investigators
Build your pre-schooler’s brain with hands-on STEM activities! Look for all new programming that is designed for youngsters to question, predict, and test their theories. Free with admission.

When: Dec 13, 2018 10am in Great Barrington, MA

Relentlessly Queer: Quorum Boston and Local, Living Composers (THURSDAY CONCERT)

Quorum Boston is an LGBTQ Vocal Ensemble - we specialize in singing music almost exclusively by queer composers. In the past, we've been trying to combat queer erasure among the classical music cannon. In this concert, we're lifting up the voices of living composers in the Boston area - exclusively, joyfully, and unapologetically. Why? Well, first of all, this music is gloriously beautiful. But more importantly, there is so much creative talent, with so many important things to say living in our great city. We want to showcase their voices instead of those who are past and gone, and we want you to hear what they have to say. Our line-up: + "Show Me the Way" Sam Jones + "You are Your Body" inti logan figgis-vizueta * "Gloria" from Messe Solennelle, Rian Grimmer + "The Human Portrait" Rafael Natan * "Sapphic Fragments - Meditations on Queer Histories and Imaginaries" Julia Austenfeld; text by Sappho + "Kyrie" from "The King's Mass" ** Kelvyn Koning "Things at the Apex of Their Arc This Summer Evening," Greg Nahabedian; text by Victor Florence "Chant 1" Christopher Grills + "Contrition (Psalm 51)," "Perry - In Memory of Amelia," "Deluge (Psalm 42)" - shapenote fugues Leah Velleman * "What is G_d" Quinn Gutman + "Vocal Bagatelle" **Anaís Azul * "A Song of Healing," Mattia Mauree; text by Anonymous Soldier "Three Madrigals," Zachary Wadsworth; text by Frederic Herbert Trench + = Choral Premiere (work originally performed by different type of ensemble) * = World Premiere The same program is being performed December 10th at the Josephine A. Fiorentino Community Center at 8pm. Both spaces are mobility accessible with gender-neutral mobility accessible bathrooms.

When: Dec 13, 2018 8pm to Dec 13, 2018 10pm in Great Barrington, MA
Cost: 0 - 20 USD

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About Great Barrington, MA
The Town of Great Barrington was founded in 1761 and is located in the southwestern corner of Massachusetts in Berkshire County.

Tourism is of major importance in the town which is encouraged by a combination of outdoor activities and cultural offerings as well as restaurants, B&B's and small inns. There are activities that help carry tourism though the four seasons like skiing for winter, fall foliage and summer culture along with the beauty of spring.

Residents note that Great Barrington is a wonderful community to raise a family or run a business and enjoy the pleasure of small town living.