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Lee, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Intuitive Painting: The Visual Self-Expression Method™
How to shift emotions and elevate mood when envisioning and expressing positive inner imagery The Visual Self-Expression Method™ walks you through a simple three-step process of Connect-Celebrate-Create to restore the internal balance, relax the mind and reignite your innate healing power to become fearless, fulfilled and free. This class welcomes those living with Arthritis and those who seek emotional relief and want to feel encouraged, empowered, energized despite their physical challenges. What Are the Benefits of The Visual Self-Expression Method™      The meditative aspect helps you slow down and quiet your mind so your intuition can guide you to finding peace and joy even in most difficult times.     The refreshing aspect stimulates your imagination to form new ideas and different ways to look at life and encourages you to be more spontaneous and flexible.     The creative aspect gives you the opportunity to create something lasting that records meaning while having fun and emerging in the moment.     And as a bonus, you may learn new things about yourself. Did You Know? Intriguing Facts "Patients with rheumatic conditions that participate in support groups seem to experience a decrease in feelings of loneliness, achieve new relationships, improve skills in eliciting and accepting social support, have a better daily functioning, and may have an increase in life satisfaction outcomes.  There are other avenues of support that can accomplish similar goals. The process of creating art has been proposed to enhance cognitive abilities, increase self-awareness, help cope with symptoms of a physical disorder, and gain relief from emotional distress such as anger, loss, depression, worry and anxiety in certain chronic conditions." (1) 

When: Dec 9, 2017 10am in Lee, MA

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About Lee, MA
The Town of Lee Massachusetts was founded in 1777 and is located in Berkshire County.

Lee contains a year round population of about 6000 people. The town was named after General Charles Lee who was second in command to George Washington.

Lee still retains the first house ever built in town which dates back to 1760. Residents feel that the history is still alive and well in Lee.