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Eastover Welcomes Renowned Chinese Medicine Doctor Zhang Dechao & the Deyu Hall Cancer Treatment/Rehabilitation Team
Deyu Hall is well-known to Chinese and other foreign nationals for their successful treatment of cancer through the use of centuries old Taoist principles and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With a belief system centered on the "Tao" (the Way/Source) its focus is the cultivation of "Source" energy as a way of life. The doctor of Chinese Medicine was therefore thought of very highly - well respected for their dedication to a practice that, while not theistically oriented in the traditional sense, stemmed greatly from a reverence for the Source of all things. In addition to the extensive use of herbs, acupuncture, qigong and massage, doctors practicing Chinese medical sciences were devoted to Qi cultivation by way of the practice of meditation, breath control, and Taoist ethics that instilled, among other virtues, simplicity, compassion and a non-fear based/non-dogmatic sense of morality. In the tradition of Chinese medicine masters such as Sun Simiao, Hua Tuo and Li Shizhen, Dr. Zhang Dechao is outstanding in this field - catering to cancer victims for decades, he has cured and brought hope to many patients with the creation of his "Anti-Cancer Stereotherapy". Dr. Zhang Dechao received the title of Master of Acupuncture and Moxibustion from the Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His father, Zhang Sinan, was also a Chinese Medicine doctor, and the inventor of the first generation of the Acupuncture Induction Electrotherapy machine in China. He studied under Professor Sun Guojie, Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Acupuncture Masters, was a student of Wu Wenwen, and is proficient in spiritual teachings and ethics. From childhood he demonstrated interest in ancient Chinese texts on morality and medicine, reading such classics as the I Ching and The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine to acquire the wisdom of sages. Dr. Dechao has traveled extensively to places like Wudang Mountain and Shennongiia in China to collect exotic medicinal herbs in an effort to lay the foundation for his role in ridding the world of cancer. Eastover.com ~ 866 264 5139

When: Jan 4, 2019 12am to Dec 30, 2019 12am in Lenox, MA

Misty Blues

When: Apr 19, 2019 8pm in Lenox, MA

Functional Medicine Nutrition and Sheng Zhen Meditation: Interventions for Reversing Chronic Disease and Restoring Health and Happiness with Dr. Miles Nichols, DAOM, MSOM, LAc, Dipl. OM

Are you a healthcare practitioner that would like to get better clinical results? Would you like to also learn to prevent burnout and lead by example? Or are you a member of the public who is interested in health, functional medicine, and meditation? Do you want to learn to become healthier and happier? Dr. Miles Nichols is a functional medicine and oriental medicine doctor who specializes in empowering people to take charge of their health and recover from chronic illness. In this workshop, Dr. Miles will not only teach about the art and science of nutrition, but also guide those of the group who would like (optional) through a fasting-like diet (still eating limited amounts of food in a way designed to reap the benefits of a fast). Fasting Mimicking Diet has been shown in research to: Reduce inflammation Improved immune function Promote fat loss while preserving muscle Improve cholesterol and blood pressure Promote longevity (increase telomeres) And much moreā€¦ Dr. Miles will reveal and demonstrate how he moves patients in his clinic through a similar process with discussion about the incredible results for reversing chronic disease. At the same time, he will sort through the conflicting information about different dietary plans including paleo, low FODMAP, ketogenic, Mediterranean, vegetarian, and vegan diets. He will discuss what research has shown as well as his clinical experience with treating different chronic diseases. He will reveal his #1 dietary strategy for weight-loss that often gets people past plateaus without having to count calories. In addition to nutrition, Dr. Miles has found that Sheng Zhen Meditation is equally as powerful for reversing chronic illness and restoring happiness. Dr. Miles will teach a moving form and a non-moving meditation practice that students will be able to take home with them and do for themselves. In a small pre-post lab test with 3 clients that Dr. Miles performed in his clinic, he found that cortisol (a stress hormone) decreased by 11% and DHEA (a longevity hormone related to immune health, bone strength, and fat burning) increased by 25%! This was after just one weekend of Sheng Zhen Meditation training without any supplements or dietary changes. Please join us for a transformational experience and to learn and better understand how to help yourself and others in your life to reverse chronic illness and restore health and happiness! More information at http://www.eastover.com/workshop/functional-medicine-nutrition-sheng-zhen-meditation-interventions-reversing-chronic-disease-restoring-health-happiness-dr-miles-nichols-daom-msom-lac-dipl-om.html

When: Apr 25, 2019 4pm in Lenox, MA

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About Lenox, MA
The Town of Lenox Massachusetts was founded in 1767 and is located in Berkshire County of western Massachusetts.

There is much to do in this small town, many recreational activities are available including skiing and fishing plus hiking which attract visitors all year round. Although there are many recreational activities there is also the Ventfort Hall Museum of Gilded Age as well as the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum.

For all who enjoy the outdoors during the warm season visit the Mount Estate and Gardens of Edith Wharton or the Aspinwall Adult Equestrian Center for a glorious day of horse back riding and finally for all those who just want to relax and enjoy the sun stop at Tangle Wood the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.