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Sheffield, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Lamb Harvest & Butchering Workshop
In this day-long, hands-on work shop each participant will be provided with their own heritage-breed Soay lamb to butcher and take home (included in the workshop price).  Jake Levin, "The Roving Butcher", will guide you through the step-by-step breakdown of each lamb from primal sections to finished cuts. Preceeding the butchering Jake will demonstrate the on-farm slaughter of one lamb. The workshop will be limitted to 13 participants (6 hands-on and 7 observers).  Tools, aprons, knives, butcher paper, and ice packs will be provided. Lunch will also be included. (Please bring a picnic cooler to take home your meat). Soay sheep are a rare heritage breed originating from only two islands off the west coast of Scotland.  They resemble primitive sheep of the Bronze Age and are believed to be the ancestors of the first domestic sheep. Soay sheep are descended from an isolated population of feral sheep on the 250-acre island of Soay in the Saint Kilda Archipelago in Scotland. Soay are smaller then most other sheep. Jake Levin lives in the southern hills of the Berkshires in MA with his wife- Silka- on the land where he grew up. He is a whole-animal butcher, writer, and artist. When Jake is not working in his outdoor kitchen, he is butchering and making cured-meats at Hudson Valley Charcuterie at Raven and Boar Farm; or on the road teaching people how to slaughter, butcher and cure meats as the Roving Butcher. In 2019 Jake's book the Smokehouse Handbook was published by Storey Publishing.  Dominic Palumbo has been operating his small diverse organic farm, Moon In The Pond Farm in Sheffield, MA since 1991.  Using the regenerative principles of permaculture and eco-agriculture, his farm has been a forerunner in the conservation of a wide range of heritage breed livestock and heirloom vegetables.   Moon In The Pond is an educational farm dedicated to teaching about organic farming, food issues, homesteading and community building.

When: Oct 6, 2019 9:30AM in Sheffield, MA

Frankie Gavin Concert

Frankie Gavin is one, if not the best, of Ireland's premier traditional players.

When: Oct 25, 2019 7:30PM in Sheffield, MA

Cedric Watson Concert

Cedric Watson is a four-time Grammy-nominated fiddler, singer, accordionist & songwriter with seemingly unlimited potential.

When: Nov 9, 2019 7:30PM in Sheffield, MA

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About Sheffield, MA
The Town of Sheffield Massachusetts was founded in 1733 and is located in the southern end of Berkshire County which is about two and a half hours from Boston. Sheffield is made up of two villages Ashley Falls and Sheffield.

Sheffield contains the Schenob Brook wetland complex which has been recognized as one of the most sole and intact ecosystems in the world. It is a combination of wide open river valley and mountain vistas and farm land is what makes Sheffield one of the most beautiful towns in Massachusetts with fall being the attraction time of year.

The town has a number of culture and recreational opportunities and ski areas as well as state parks and forests along with summer theatres and music events.