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Deerfield, MA Local Information - Business Directory and Guide to Deerfield

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Rococo: Celebrating 18th-Century Design and Decoration
This year marks the 300th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Chippendale (1718-1779), English furniture maker, author of "The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director" (1754), and important disseminator of what is commonly known today as the Rococo style. Since the 1840s, the term "Rococo" has been used to describe a variety of 18th-century decorative art forms that bear particular ornamental characteristics. Hallmarks of the style include asymmetrical and naturalistic forms, often achieved through the inclusion of "C" and "S" shape scrolls, and motifs such as foliage, rocks, and shells. Rooted in France in the 1730s, the style quickly gained popularity in other countries, including England and America, where it was adopted to different degrees. The exhibition celebrates both Chippendale's legacy and the iconic style he helped promote through a number of English and American Rococo decorative art forms from Historic Deerfield's rich collection.

When: Feb 24, 2018 12am to Feb 10, 2019 12am in Deerfield, MA

Tea Time, Any Time: All About Tea

Tea for two, three, four, or more - some drink it hot, some drink it cold. This summer we will have tea time every day at the History Workshop! Learn about the rich global history of tea from the many legends surrounding its "discovery" in ancient China to the story of Colonial America and the famous Boston Tea Party. Join us in sampling black tea, green tea, and herbal tea. You can see our indoor Camellia sinensis tea plant, then visit our garden to pick mint and lemon balm, popular herbs for tea. Make a tea bag of black or herbal tea to take with you, practice proper tea etiquette, and choose some recipes for traditional foods eaten at tea time. Included with general admission. Drop in anytime.

When: Jul 1, 2018 12am to Aug 26, 2018 12am in Deerfield, MA

Summer Lecture Series: Reading Objects, Finding History

What do broken pieces of pottery, a family heirloom, and an artifact in a museum exhibit have in common? Made, owned and handled across generations, centuries or even millennia, historical artifacts are time travelers, carrying information and histories that might otherwise be misunderstood or forgotten altogether. Join us on Thursday evenings in July for three insightful lectures exploring what artifacts can teach us as bridges between past and present.

When: Jul 5, 2018 12am to Jul 19, 2018 12am in Deerfield, MA

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About Deerfield, MA
Deerfield Massachusetts was founded in 1673 and the town is located in Franklin County. Deerfield was the earliest community settled in Franklin County.

Deerfield is the site of a major craft fair each year which is considered to be on of the most important craft fairs in the northeast. The towns' museum offers 19 exhibit rooms and a number of concerts throughout the season. Those in town are able to tour 13 of the historic residences in the town.

Remember to bring your camera and visit the Mount Sugarloaf State Reservation located on Route 116 just off Route I-91 in Deerfield. Drive up and park at the mountain top for beautiful panoramic views of the the Connecticut River Valley and the Connecticut River winds through the farm of the area.