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Montague, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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About Montague, MA
The Town of Montague Massachusetts was founded in 1754 and is located in Franklin County. The motto on the town seal reads “Five fingers on one hand” meaning Montague’s five separate villages that are Turner Falls and Millers Falls along with Lake Pleasant as well as Montague City and Montague Center.

Turners Falls today is currently the town center which is the site of the towns’ current Town Hall and where Government functions take place. Millers Falls which was originally known as Grouts Corner is mostly a residential area. Lake Pleasant is made up of a group of small cottages and is currently the towns water supply therefore there is no swimming in the lake.

Montague City is anything but a city and is home to the Northeast Anadromous Fish Research Center as well as the site of one of the largest hydroelectric generating facilities in western Massachusetts. Lastly Montague Center is the site of the towns’ original settlement and still houses the original Town Hall and Congregational Church along with other outstanding examples of Greek Revival architecture.