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Montague, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Jared Sims
With Charlie Kohlhase and the Saxophone Support Group

When: Apr 4, 2020 8pm in Montague, MA

Mom Baby God


Take a cupcake, put on a name tag, and prepare to be thrown into the world of the Christian Right, where sexual purity workshops and anti-abortion rallies are sandwiched between karaoke sing-alongs, Christian EDM raves and pro-life slumber parties. An immersive dark comedy about sex, gender, and coming-of-age in the Christian Right, written and performed by Joey Rose.

It’s 2012 and the anti-abortion movement has a new sense of urgency. Teens 4 Life is video-blogging live from the Students for Life of America Conference, and right-wing teenagers are vying for popularity while preparing for political battle. Our tour guide is fourteen-year-old Destinee Grace Ramsey, ascending to prominence as the new It-Girl of the Christian Right while struggling to contain her crush on John Paul, a flirtatious Christian boy with blossoming Youtube stardom and a purity ring.

MOM BABY GOD has toured nationally to sold-out houses, was Best of Theater 2018 in the Washington Post and was the subject of a national right-wing smear campaign. Re-developed and workshopped for the current political moment, MOM BABY GOD takes us inside the right-wing’s youth training ground at a more urgent time than ever.

Joey Rose (they/them/theirs) is an actor, musician, and writer based in New York City. They graduated from Hampshire College, where MOM BABY GOD was first developed as their Division III thesis. Rose’s work has been seen onstage at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Studio Theatre, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and many more. www.joeymrose.com

“Funny, sharp satire. Rose’s sharp writing and indelible charisma makes Mom Baby God a necessary show for our times." — WASHINGTON CITY PAPER

DC METRO THEATER ARTS: Outstanding Performance in a Professional Production:
“…as playful as it is powerful. Its form is delightfully comedic and dramatic, and Rose’s versatile portrayal of Destinee and the other characters she meets is enthralling. A profound fusion of personal politics and compelling performance.” —DC Metro Theater Arts

"It’s an impressive performance: Rose smoothly takes on everything from the light Texan twang of a rival to the posh Brit accents of guest speakers and the swaggering-bashful patter of the handsome young frontman for an outfit called Praise Cr3w. It’s sure to surface again." — The Washington Post (Critics Pick, Best of Theater 2018)"the funniest thing I've seen onstage this year." -- Baltimore City Paper   #GETTOTHESHEA

When: Apr 17, 2020 8pm in Montague, MA

Cooper Jones Band

When: Aug 8, 2020 2pm in Montague, MA

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About Montague, MA
The Town of Montague Massachusetts was founded in 1754 and is located in Franklin County. The motto on the town seal reads “Five fingers on one hand” meaning Montague’s five separate villages that are Turner Falls and Millers Falls along with Lake Pleasant as well as Montague City and Montague Center.

Turners Falls today is currently the town center which is the site of the towns’ current Town Hall and where Government functions take place. Millers Falls which was originally known as Grouts Corner is mostly a residential area. Lake Pleasant is made up of a group of small cottages and is currently the towns water supply therefore there is no swimming in the lake.

Montague City is anything but a city and is home to the Northeast Anadromous Fish Research Center as well as the site of one of the largest hydroelectric generating facilities in western Massachusetts. Lastly Montague Center is the site of the towns’ original settlement and still houses the original Town Hall and Congregational Church along with other outstanding examples of Greek Revival architecture.