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Greenfield, MA - Local Guide to the City

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2 BedroomBR Multi-Family HomeMulti - $250,000
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with Wiki Good, Jarv, Karens Dance Studio, Funk Box, Ace Legion, Mass breaker, Sariah Allende, Vicelinepon
Crazefaze began in 2007, this is a group of dancers that are very talented and dedicated! This group builds on hard work, respect, persistence, and team work. Crazefaze works together to continue pursuing their passion in dance through performance and choreography. They take their inspiration from past dance crews on ABDC, of coarse Michael Jackson, Cirque du Sole, Decadance and many other inspirational dancers. Crazefaze is a group of dancers that have a common love for dance and the arts. Each dancer has their own style and personality. Crazefaze, has grown so much since the beginning, and with hard work and dedication anything is possible.Taking a situation and bringing it from a negative to a positive with dance is truly amazing. Everyone has there own struggles and difficulties in life, but through dance you can heal. When u do what you love, and you know what it is that makes you happy, that is all that matters. Director RB says Dance is what has gotten me through life, with out it i dont know where i would be.With these talented dancers they will continue to wow their audience and keep bringing creative and eye catching choreography and stunts to the dance floor. With their high energy, charisma, hard work, and dedication they keep getting better and better.

When: Sep 22, 2018 6pm in Greenfield, MA
Cost: $5 - $10

River Rhapsody

River Rhapsody is a Western MA band focused on Adult Contemporary songwriters and original work by our band members. They have performed throughout New England, on podcasts, and at the Connecticut River Conservancy River Celebration. Eric Phelps (founder) is a singer-songwriter who has been performing his original music for more than 30 years. He is joined by Gordon Kramer, Tom Knight, Devin Griffiths, Rob Peck and 11-year-old Elijah Rain Phelps.

When: Sep 22, 2018 7pm in Greenfield, MA
Cost: $8 advance - $12 day of show

Jon Ross

When: Sep 25, 2018 8pm in Greenfield, MA
Cost: FREE

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About Greenfield, MA
The Town of Greenfield was founded in 1753 as a town and then later in 2003 as a city. Although a city government, the community wishes to be known as “The Town of Greenfield”.

Visitors are encouraged to visit the Pioneer Valley Symphony Orchestra as well as the Poets Seat Tower which was named after a long tradition of poets being drawn to the area. There is also the Artspace Community Arts Center or the Greenfield Energy Park where you are able to learn about energy resources or simply relax.

Residents of Greenfield feel it is the sort of town most people dream about as the ideal place to live and raise a family.