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Shelburne, MA Local Information - Business Directory & Guide to Shelburne

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6 BedroomBR Multi-Family HomeMulti - $595,000
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Shelburne Events
Buckland-Shelburne Elementary: Monsters and Mermaids Fantasy Art-ventures
When: Oct 15, 2019 12am to Nov 19, 2019 12am in Shelburne Falls, MA

Vermont Glass Guild: Group Exhibit

VERMONT GLASS GUILD: Group Exhibit SHELBURNE FALLS, MA-- Salmon Falls Gallery is delighted to host 16 glass artists who are part of the Vermont Glass Guild. Their work fills our 2 featured exhibit spaces to the brim, with works in all sorts of glass-working techniques: hot (furnace-worked), lamp (torch or flame-worked), warm (fused/slumped), as well as samples of cold-working. The guild was established in 2010 and has 24 members with 10 associate members. Shelburne, MA glass artist Josh Simpson and Holyoke flame worker Wesley Fleming are both associate members of this Guild, showing that the Guild reaches outside of Vermont to bring exceptional glass artists into their membership. In meeting with this group of artists I heard some of the ways in which the guild supports them. One important support is the networking opportunities with other members and to the public. The second is the educational opportunities for the members themselves. Member Chris Sherwin (Sherwin Art Glass) spoke of making his first glass insect in a workshop at associate member Wesley Fleming's studio in Holyoke, MA. And everyone I met seems to know that member Lucy Bergamimi is bringing her expertise to making French patisseries as well as to the exquisite glass jewelry she makes. In other words, the Guild helps create community for these glassblowers. Below are the statements from a selection of the Vermont Glass Guild artists exhibiting at Salmon Falls Gallery this November and December. Robert DuGrenier Townshend, Vermont OUT OF THE ASHES This collection of Robert's work was born out of tragedy: the historic barn on his property burned to the ground in October 2015. He's been using the metal and cast iron pieces (missing, of course, their wooden handles and parts) from farm implements and antiques that were left behind in the debris, to create stunning sculptures. Many of the pieces in the Out of the Ashes series at first glance appear to be encased in ice; not until the viewer comes close is it revealed that the sculpture is made with glass. Lori Pietropaoli Williston, VT Lori Pietropaoli took her first fused glass class the day after moving to Vermont. She quickly became hooked on the combination of color and construction, continuing to develop her skills at the Davis Studios. She studied under Alyssa Oxley, Micaela Wallace, Morgan Madison and Alicia Lomne. She is frequently inspired by the Vermont landscape and architecture. Ms. Pietropaoli explores variation - where the construction and finishing follows the same methods, yet the results are unique. She achieves distinctive outcomes through the specific choice of glass in each piece. Pieces shown are inspired by the light at different times of a single day. Josh Simpson Shelburne, MA REFLECTIONS Reflections represents Josh Simpson's latest exploration of different ways to use murruni and latticino cane. In the Blue New Mexico pieces, he stretches straight cane into sweeping curved patterns that cast interesting shadows on the interior glass. In the clear pieces, he creates a multilayered "vase within vase" effect. These new works reveal Simpson's decades-long interest in employing the traditional vessel form as a medium for playing with depth, reflection, transparency, and point of view. Josh Simpson is a Western MA glass artist whose work includes vibrantly colored sculptural pieces often inspired by astrophysical or cosmological themes. Simpson has spent nearly half a century making glass objects that embody his fascination with color, form, pattern and complexity. Exhibit runs through the end of the year, reception on December 7, from 3-5pm with music by Loren Feinstein. For more information, SalmonFallsGallery.com or call the gallery at 413.625.9833. Participating Artists: Mary Angus, Readsboro, VT Chris Sherwin, Sherwin Art Glass, Bellows Falls, VT Randi Solin, Solinglass, Brattleboro, VT Dominique Caissie, Terrapin Glassblowing Studio, Jaffrey, NH Dave & Melanie Leppla, Mad River Glass Gallery, Waitsfield, VT Robert Burch, Brandywine Glassworks, Putney, VT Zak Grace, Zak Grace Glass, Brattleboro, VT Robert DuGrenier, Robert DuGrenier Associates, Inc., Townshend, VT Monique LaJeunesse, Michael Trimpol, Little River Hotglass Studio, Stowe, VT Lori Pietropaoli, Williston, VT Matt Seasholtz, Seaholtz Glass Design, Johnson, VT Josh Simpson, Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass, Shelburne, MA Ann Conlin, Tewksbury, MA Lucy Bergamini, Vitresse Glass, Brattleboro, VT Wesley Fleming, Holyoke, MA

When: Nov 1, 2019 12am to Dec 31, 2019 12am in Shelburne Falls, MA

Michael Tillyer and the Anchor House Artists

Michael Tillyer and the Anchor House of Artists: celebrating art on the human scale Anchor House of Artists began in 1997 when sculptor Michael Tillyer opened his small studio to artists he had come to know who happened to be living with mental illnesses. His goal was to give an opportunity for these people to redefine themselves as who they truly were: creative artists. Michael's efforts were twofold: to fight the stigma these artists faced, as well as to bring a new voice in visual art to Western MA and beyond. Since that time, the project has expanded to a 4000 square-foot space. While the studio is still the heart of Anchor House, now there is also space for a workshop, four galleries and an experimental performance arena. All is available to artists served by the mission and to visiting professionals to launch new work in vibrant, authentic self-produced exhibits and performances. In January 2017 a new venture emerged: the New England Visonary Artists Museum. Michael had been working with the Anchor House Artists for 22 years at this point, and some of his beloved artists had passed. Within the confines of the Visionary Artists Museum their artwork could be conserved, exhibited and continue to educate the public. It is the life of the artist that matters in the end. Exhibit runs through the end of the year, reception on December 7, from 3-5pm with music by Loren Feinstein. For more information, SalmonFallsGallery.com or call the gallery at 413.625.9833. Information on the Anchor House of Artists: anchorhouseartist.org; New England Visionary Artists Museum: neva-museum.org Participating Anchor House Artists: Jon Stark Mary Dunn Genevieve Burnett Ben Hotchkiss Kevin Bouricius James Brown Molly Rupp Mary Dunn Peter Mishkin

When: Nov 1, 2019 12am to Dec 31, 2019 12am in Shelburne Falls, MA

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About Shelburne, MA
The Town of Shelburne Massachusetts was founded in 1768 and is located in Franklin County.

Shelburne contains about 3,000 year round residents which includes the village of Shelburne Falls.

Shelburne is best known for the famous Bridge of Flowers and its glacial potholes(one of the largest concentrations of the glacial wonders. Visitors and residents alike are encouraged to stop at the Shelburne Museum for a bit of the town history. Shelburne Grange Fair which is usually held during the month of August and has BBQ's and flea markets, crafts and much more!