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Belmont Massachusetts - Information and Local Town Guide for Belmont

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Psychotherapy & Addictions Series: Harm Reduction Psychotherapy
Even though the vast majority of people are not sure about stopping their use of drugs or alcohol, almost all treatment is geared to the few who know and are ready to quit. So what are we to do to help those who come to us? They might not say that addictions are amongst their issues, instead of seeking help for relationships, misery, anger or coping.  Harm Reduction used to be controversial but is now embraced as an essential approach that saves lives and collaboratively engages ambivalent and marginalized clients in recovery. By eschewing the abstinence-only stance, and integrating behavioral, motivational, and experiential techniques, Harm Reduction Psychotherapy reduces shame and catalyzes positive change. Even though many therapists find an abstinence focus clashes with their worldview, they are not sure how to shift from the abstinence orientation because training has been so stuck in the abstinence paradigm. This workshop will update clinicians in Harm reduction Philosophy and teach direct application to psychotherapy.  Harm Reduction frames a suite of psychotherapy practices - setting the treatment contract, building the alliance, working with ambivalence, teaching safer use and moderation approaches, guiding families, and more. Harm reduction is not synonymous with relieving anxiety or doing whatever it takes to keep the client. It involves identifying and partnering in goals that reduce harm and suffering. Content and Methods: Brief didactic introducing the theme with a discussion of Harm Reduction and gradualistic philosophies and psychotherapies; the role of affect and attachment in addiction; the assumption that patient is trying to do accomplish self-protective and specific with the drug; that there is meaning in attending to the patient's deep experience in a therapeutic relationship. Experiential exercise to learn ‘unwrapping the urge’, examining and embracing ambivalence and feeling emotions that underlie distinct schemas and goals. Presentation of videotaped session illustrating: working with a patient with strong ambivalence, showing softening of defenses, deepening of affect and transformation of shame to self-compassion and consequent increased motivation and the development of ideal use plan. Discussion of video.   Learning Objectives: Describe how the Harm Reduction approach frames engagement, motivation and therapy.  Apply mindfulness and experiential techniques to tolerate, identify and deepen emotions. Apply moderation techniques in their own practice. CE/CME's: 1.5 For more information about this event, and upcoming events, please follow this link: https://www.psychgarden.com/psychotherapy-and-addictions-series/

When: Sep 18, 2019 6pm in Belmont, MA

Beer Training Sessions

Want to establish a better base for Beer Styles and overall, increase your #BeerIQ? You should consider joining our Weekly Beer Training Sessions, where we'll work hard on overall beer ingredients, flavor, aroma, key descriptions and how to articulate them to a group of your peers. We'll write both short & long descriptions for unknown beers, identify, compare & contrast beer styles that are similar and correctly identify a up to six unknown, but classic beer styles. We may spike beers, talk about the aroma & flavor characteristics, what causes it, how to avoid it and what styles it might be appropriate in.  Overall, if you're looking to deepen your beer knowledge, begin a beer certification or education program or are just entering the industry, this is a great place to start and is a safe space for learning beer.       *The Society of Master Beercierge is located on the lower level, of 85 Leonard Street, underneath The Wellington Eatery, Belmont Books and Didriks. Please enter through the backdoor! Take the stairs or elevator down one level, enter the door to the left and head down the hallway.*

When: Sep 23, 2019 6pm in Belmont, MA

Edible Colors, Food Classes for Toddlers & Grownups, Fall Series

The Edible Colors, Food Classes for Toddlers & Grownups, Fall Series Ages: 2 to 5 Class Description: Get your toddler cooking (and eating!) with Edible Colors, Food Classes for Toddlers & Grown-Ups. For one hour, two times a week, you and your toddler will engage in a highly interactive, hands-on learning experience. Together you’ll create simple snacks, encourage creative thinking and language, experiment with new foods, and enhance fine motor skills while learning the rainbow. We’ll be focusing on one color per class and introducing it through a variety of foods! Whether you've attended our Edible Alphabet series or are new to these classes, you'll fit right in, learn something new, and have a good time.  Join all classes, a handful, or just one—you choose what works for you. See our full list of cooking classes and camps. Referral Discount: Get 25% off a class of your choice in 2019 for each person you refer who signs up for one of our cooking classes. Simply tell your friend to mention your name during the Eventbrite registration process. Teacher Bio: Gail Arnold has been cooking professionally since she was 18 years old. Classically-trained in Paris, Gail has worked in restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. In addition to teaching private cooking classes, Gail has worked for director Steven Spielberg as his family’s personal chef. Gail has a masters in elementary education, has worked as a reading specialist, and tutors students in reading. Gail loves to integrate different learning opportunities while teaching culinary skills to kids. When she’s not cooking and teaching, Gail loves to fly airplanes, ride her bicycle...and do more cooking. Contact: Stephanie Hurwitz, Test Kitchen Manager617-924-3993stephanie@chopchopfamily.org695-697 Belmont Street, Belmont, MA 02478 Want to attend this class but are unable to pay? Scholarships and financial assistance are available to those in need. Email stephanie@chopchopfamily.org for details.

When: Sep 24, 2019 10am in Belmont, MA

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About Belmont, MA
Belmont Massachusetts is a quiet, affluent, residential community located on the western suburban corridor of Boston on the divides between the Charles and Mystic Rivers. Until the early 19th century, Belmont was largely an agricultural town.

Belmont was then that the turnpike and railroad linked the area to Boston which stimulated the creation of several large estates. A Belmont farmer was the first to import and breed Holstein Cows and an estate in Belmont sparked the first use of hothouses to grow fruit and vegetables. The gardens under glass were so successful that they produced enough fruit to make the town first in the country in the value of fruit products and second in the country for vegetables.

Belmont residents are proud of their quiet, well-mannered and small 4.6 square mile community and are very civic minded.