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Belmont Massachusetts - Information and Local Town Guide for Belmont

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2 BedroomBR Condominium / Co-opCondo - $549,900
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Rec Room Concert
One of my favorite places to play with my favorite people! As always, gluten free snacks are provided and bring your own yummy beverage to drink and share. Doors will open at 7PM and we will try to herd everyone over to the space for a 7:30 show....or 8:00....you know the drill.

When: Feb 15, 2020 7pm to Feb 15, 2020 10pm in Belmont, MA
Cost: 20 - 20 USD

Psychotherapy & Addictions Series: ISTDP: Working with Resistance & Anxiety

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy is a relatively brief model of psychodynamic psychotherapy that has been shown to be effective in a variety of disorders, including anxiety disorders (Lilliengren et al.2017; Solbakken & Abbass, 2017), treatment-resistant depression (Town et al., 2017), personality disorders (Town et al, 2011; Abbass et al., 2011; Abbass et al. 2008), medically unexplained symptoms (Town et al., 2017), addictions (Frederickson & DenDooven, forthcoming), and more.  ISTDP has its own metapsychology and diagnostic system that helps clinicians work precisely and collaboratively with patientsat their highest levels of capacity.  Interventions include anxiety regulation, restructuring of maladaptive coping mechanisms or ‘defenses,’ and connection with deep and core affects to create transformational healing. This presentation will give an overview of ISTDP and discuss its application to patients with addictions and dual disorders. Instructional methodology will include didactics, video presentation, and discussion. Learning  Objectives:i. Participants will be able to identify which disorders are appropriate for ISTDP therapy and which type ofISTDP therapy (standard, restructuring, or graded) is appropriate for treating patients with addictionsii. Participants will be able to describe the metapsychology and technique of ISTDP therapy in working withpatients with addictionsiii. Participants will be able to identify the three different channels of anxiety according to ISTDPmetapsychology and assess their own patients’ functioning within this framework and plan interventionsaccordingly

When: Feb 19, 2020 6pm in Belmont, MA

Psychotherapy & Addictions Series: Medication Assisted Therapies in Addiction

Medications have helped people achieve control in addictions for over a hundred years. However, for decades, people have been denied access, mainly because of stigma, ignorance and limited resources. An abstinence-only orientation mistakenly confuses morals and recovery, making perfect the enemy of the good and hampering research. This talk will give an overview of medications available for the treatment of addictions, a framework for incorporating them into harm reduction and abstinence-oriented treatments. We will discuss evidence-based and anecdotal treatments for alcohol, cocaine, opiates, gambling, sex, andother compulsive conditions; as well as other medications that can improve recovery more indirectly through relief of insomnia, anxiety, and impulsivity; and what does not work. The presentation is geared to the therapist so that they might help their clients and client’s families become informed advocates. Learning Objectives:i. Critique the abstinence orientation paradigm that can be averse to medication assistance andgradualistic recoveryii. Identify myths, stigma, and ignorance in families and clients that impede medication utilizationiii. Identify key medication strategies to augment recovery

When: Mar 18, 2020 6pm in Belmont, MA

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About Belmont, MA
Belmont Massachusetts is a quiet, affluent, residential community located on the western suburban corridor of Boston on the divides between the Charles and Mystic Rivers. Until the early 19th century, Belmont was largely an agricultural town.

Belmont was then that the turnpike and railroad linked the area to Boston which stimulated the creation of several large estates. A Belmont farmer was the first to import and breed Holstein Cows and an estate in Belmont sparked the first use of hothouses to grow fruit and vegetables. The gardens under glass were so successful that they produced enough fruit to make the town first in the country in the value of fruit products and second in the country for vegetables.

Belmont residents are proud of their quiet, well-mannered and small 4.6 square mile community and are very civic minded.