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Brighton Massachusetts - Local Guide to the Boston Neighborhood of Brighton

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Brighton Events
MA High School Fencing League Squads

MA High School Fencing League Squads Feb 23, 2020

MA high school Fencing league squad championships. 1 squad per weapon per gender per school. Seeding for the event is based on league results. No refunds for incorrectly entered teams.
MA: Brighton, MA

Who's Coming
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Map to Boston Fencing Club Brighton MA 02135

When: Feb 23, 2020 12am to Feb 23, 2020 12am in Brighton, MA

Jacob Green

When: Feb 27, 2020 7:30PM in Brighton, MA

Isobel Cup - Semifinal Game

When: Mar 8, 2020 2:30PM in Brighton, MA

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About Brighton, MA
The area of Brighton was established in the late 17th century and was first known as "Little Cambridge". The residents acquired legal separation from Cambridge in 1807 and officially named the town Brighton. The town was then officially annexed to the City of Boston in 1874 and it remains a part of Boston today.

In post colonial days Brighton was home to agricultural plots and stockyards, but with the extension of the street car lines in the 1800s came residential growth. Soon houses and apartments were built all across the neighborhoods.

Brighton is primarily populated by graduate students and young professionals. Along Washington Street you will find small family businesses and Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - reputed as one of the finest hospitals in the northeast.

Brighton is host to the Bryman Institute, Saint John's Seminary and part of Boston College. Nearby you will find some of the finest institutes of higher learning in the country including Boston University, Harvard University and MIT.