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Newton MA Local Information - Local Guide to the City of Newton businesses and homes for sale

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2 BedroomBR Rental - $3,900
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Newton Events
18th Annual Auction - John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club of Newton
Dates: 11/15/2013
Time: 6PM to 7PM
Visit: www.newtonbgc.com/2013AnnualAuction.php

Annual fundraiser for Newton Boys & Girls Club

Beer Training Sessions

Want to establish a better base for Beer Styles and overall, increase your #BeerIQ? You should consider joining our Monday Night Training Sessions, where we'll work hard on overall beer ingredients, flavor, aroma, key descriptions and how to articulate it to a group of peers. We'll write both short & long descriptions for unknown beers, identify, compare & contrast beer styles that are similar and correctly identify a up to six unknown, but classic beer styles. We'll spike one beer each week, talk about the aroma & flavor characteristics, what causes it, how to avoid it and what styles it might be appropriate in.

When: May 28, 2018 5pm in Newton, MA

Torah B'Yachad - Weekly Study Project

לומדים תורה ביחד פרוייקט 929 יצא לדרכו בישראל בחנוכה תשע"ה כשלנגד עיניו סיום קריאת 929 פרקי התנ"כ, כל יום פרק,  עד יום הולדתה ה -70 של מדינת ישראל  - www.929.org.il כאן בבוסטון יצאנו בשנה שעברה לדרך ביוזמה מקומית ולאחר שסיינו שני מחזורים של פרשות השבוע  אנו ממשיכים  שוב את  קבוצת לימוד לקריאה ולמידה משותפת של ספרי הנביאים  הקבוצה תפגש אחת לשבוע ביום שני בין השעות 8:30 בדיוק עד 10בערב  Merkaz IAC - 1320 Center St. #301 Newton, MA 02459 הקבוצה פתוחה ואין מחוייבות לתשלום או השתתפות בכל מפגש  . כל הנדרש לקרוא את הפרקים לקראת השיעור.  נשתדל לספק מספר ספרים בהשאלה.       המפגש הבא  יתקיים ביום שני 12   בפברואר       בשעה 20:30 ובו נעסוק בספר שמואל א פרקים ט"ו-י"ז ופרשת תרומה בספר שמות. ינחה אמנון אליפז    חובה להרשם  

When: May 28, 2018 8:30PM in Newton, MA

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About Newton, MA
Newton Massachusetts was settled in 1630 and incorporated in 1688 and was originally part of Cambridge. Newton is conveniently situated close to Boston along the Massachusetts Turnpike, Route 128 and Route 9 and is bounded on three sides by the Charles River. It is a diverse community comprised of 14 villages, each with a unique character.

Newton is a vibrant and desirable place to work and live because of its location with easy access to the public transportation systems. view the Newton homes for sale and real estate listings and find a place where you can call Newton your home. Each attractive neighborhood is known for retaining high property values and the city has a strong nationally recognized school system. Throughout Newton you will find well maintained parks - bicycle and fitness trails - golf courses - a public pool and even a lake.

Newton has been designated one of three cities nationwide to participate in a pilot tree bank program and has planted over 6,800 seedlings throughout the community. Newton was also the first city to establish a mandatory curbside recycling program in the state.

With all of its amenities, it is no wonder that Newton was one of 5 cities nationwide in 1993 to receive the U.S. Conference of Mayors Livability Award and remains a city in which its residents are proud to call home.