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Arlington, MA Local Information - Business Directory and Arlington Town Guide

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Arlington Events
Tuesday August 21 Collegial lunch at a restaurant in Arlington
Welcome to the Collegial Lunch for people who work at home in Cambridge, Somerville,  Arlington, Watertown  and Belmont.   If you live elsewhere, that's OK, too - we won't card you at the door.  This event will be held somewhere in Arlington close to public transportation. I'll announce the eatery as soon as I'm sure they can accomodate us.  Attendance limit: 8 

When: Aug 21, 2018 12:30PM in Arlington, MA

Coffee at Caffe Nero

Now's the time for a late-month break. Head on down to Caffe Nero in Arlington Center to meet with other entrepreneurs, do a little networking, socializing and business-building. Now's the time to stretch your legs and see your business grow. Get yourself an espresso or cappucino and join us at the table!

When: Aug 22, 2018 2pm in Arlington, MA

Design Night at the Movies! "Between the Folds" and "Design & Thinking" Double Feature

A FREE public showing of two amazing, inspiring and fascinating movies about design and user experience. Admission, one small soda and one small popcorn are free! Invite everyone! MOVIE 1: BETWEEN THE FOLDS (54 minutes, starts at 7:30 pm)  Origami may seem an unlikely medium for understanding and explaining the world. But around the globe, several fine artists and theoretical scientists are abandoning more conventional career paths to forge lives as modern-day paper folders. Through origami, these offbeat and provocative minds are reshaping ideas of creativity and revealing the relationship between art and science. This unique film explores concepts of minimalism, deconstruction, process and empiricism and shows how closely art and science are intertwined. The medium of paper folding—a simple blank, uncut square—emerges as a resounding metaphor for the creative potential for transformation in all of us.   BETWEEN THE FOLDS chronicles 10 artists' stories. The film features three of the world's foremost origami artists: a former sculptor in France who folds caricatures in paper rivaling the figures of Daumier and Picasso; a hyper-realist who walked away from a successful physics career to challenge the physics of a folded square instead; and an artisanal papermaker who folds impressionistic creations from the very same medium he makes from scratch. The film also features advanced mathematicians and a remarkable scientist who received a MacArthur Genius Award for his computational origami research.  MOVIE 2: DESIGN & THINKING (74 minutes, starts after the first movie finishes) "Design & Thinking" is a documentary exploring the idea of "design thinking"! How do we fully engage organizations to think about the changing landscape of business, culture and society?  Inspired by design thinking, this documentary grabs business owners, designers, social change-makers and other professions to portrait what they have in common when facing this ambiguous 21st century.  What is design thinking? How is it applied in business models? How are people changing the world with their own creative minds? This is a call to the conventional minds to change and collaborate. It will challenge audiences with a radical new perspective on design. This screening is free and open to the public. The theater seats 500+ so we’re not kidding: invite friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, origami enthusiasts, guilds, Pokémon hunters, suburbanites, city-dwellers, legislators, artists - anyone who enjoys a fun and thoughtful look at the creative process of design!

When: Aug 22, 2018 7pm in Arlington, MA

Buy Local
Stephen's Auto Repair 
118 Cambridge Street
(Route 3A)

Burlington, MA 01803

Auto & Truck Battery Installation by Stephen's Auto
Battery Repairs and serviced by Stephen's Auto Repair located across from the Burlington High School on Route 3A. Family owned & operated and ASE certified technicians providing accurate diagnostics, quality repairs and honest answers to your automotive needs.
About Arlington, MA
Arlington, MA local information about the Town of Arlington and the local businesses and events. Arlington Massachusetts was founded over 350 years ago and remains proud of its history throughout its growth into a modern community. Arlington is the birthplace of Uncle Sam and the location of the first children's library.

Arlington has preserved many of its historical buildings and its town common which was the site of most of the fighting when the British marched through as they returned from the Old North Bridge at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

Arlington was once a thriving mill and agricultural town but now hosts commercial development centers. Its access to Metropolitan Boston has made it a very desirable place to live and its diverse population has demanded good schools and recreation facilities which together have made Arlington very attractive to families.