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Bittersweet Banishment on the Mystic River
Sponsored by: Mystic River Watershed Association
Minimum age: 18
Oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus) is a woody vine that grows rapidly and can easily climb trees up to 90 feet tall. As Oriental bittersweet grows, it chokes or girdles the plant that it is clinging to, shades out other plants and makes trees top-heavy, making them susceptible to wind and . . .

When: Jun 23, 2018 9am in Medford, MA

Free Yoga Medford

A free weekly outdoor yoga program that runs annually from June to September. Classes are taught by Lauren and other volunteer teachers who donate their time to bring you quality yoga.   The 2018 season will begin on June 2nd and run through September 1st. Classes are Saturdays 10-11am at the Condon Shell Park in Medford, MA on Mystic Valley Parkway. There is parking available but walking, biking and carpooling are encouraged.  Classes are designed for all abilities, all levels of yoga, and everyone is welcome!  Lauren strongly believes that anyone can benefit from yoga and that it should be accessible to everyone so she founded the outdoor free yoga program Free Yoga Medford in 2017 to promote health and wellness in mhery hometown of Medford, MA. Join her every Saturday 10am all summer long! No registration necessary, just bring your own mat, water bottle and sun screen.  Healthy snacks are donated to the event and are offered after each class. See you there! Got a question? Email freeyogamedford@gmail.com Free Yoga Medford 

When: Jun 23, 2018 10am in Medford, MA

Paula Poundstone

When: Jun 23, 2018 8pm in Medford, MA

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About Medford, MA
Medford Massachusetts was settled in 1695 and became a city in 1892. Located just northwest of Boston, Medford is a very desirable place to live. Search local Medford homes for sale to find your next dream home and join the Medford community.

The economic history was based on the ship building trade in colonial times. Ship building was begun by Thatcher Magoun who used lumber harvested from the Fells and New Hampshire which arrived via the Middlesex Canal. After the ship building industry reached its decline printed cloth and carpets, linseed oil as well as rum and hats became the major products in Medford as did education with the founding of Tufts University in 1852. Because of its industrial prosperity Medford doubled its population every 20 years from 1870 to 1910.

To this day Medford is a well populated city in a very convenient location filled with many suburban neighborhoods. However it still retains a rich architectural heritage containing many historic sites which include monuments and houses-some of which date back the 17th century.