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Melrose, MA - Local guide to the City

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Adobe Lightroom Basics- Melrose only
Developed by photographers, for photographers, Adobe Lightroom provides amateur enthusiast and photographers with the necessary tools for basic image management and high-level image post-production.  From highlight to shadow, contrast and brightness, then color correction to cropping, Lightroom provides all of the necessary tools to adjust and print your image files.  This course focuses on how to organize your images for quick retrieval via keywords, ratings, etc, demonstrates the basic tools and processes available within Lightroom to both manage and process images quickly and efficiently, and also briefly discuss the basis of the print module. The last portion of this class will take you through the entire process, from import to edit to export and printing. This course can be taken with or without a laptop. Power and tables will be available. Enrollment: 4-10 students  This class is offered in our Melrose store classroom.

When: Feb 24, 2018 9am in Melrose, MA

Lighting with Speedlights Sessions: The Basics of Flash

This workshop specifically illustrates and teaches students to understand flash, how and why it works, both on and off the camera. The workshop will cover light modifiers, gels and an in-depth description of how to make it work, including internal remote triggering. Speedlight photography is integral to creating interesting and dynamic photography. Any brand-flash is welcomed and can be discussed. Class Layout- Session 1•Settings on your camera•Settings on your flash•Integrating the two together•Flash compensation- Changing brightness of your flash output from picture to picture•Direction of Flash Session 2•Using light modifiers with flash•How to appropriately utilize your environment•Mixing flash and ambient light Session 3•Introduction to internal and external triggering•Taking the flash off-camera•Shooting with additional accessories All three sessions will have shooting components to practice these skills.

When: Feb 25, 2018 10am in Melrose, MA

Yoga Basics: A beginners workshop

Are you new to yoga? Great! This is the perfect workshop for you.During this 3 hour workshop, we will break down the common elements of a vinyasa yoga class, introduce the fundamental principles of alignment, and teach you the primary yoga poses you will practice during a class.Students will be introduced to common yoga postures through step-by-step verbal description, demonstration, and practice with an emphasis on safety, and stability within each pose. During this workshop, these poses will be linked together into a gentle flowing sequence. Come to learn, play, and maybe even break a sweat in a supportive environment. You don?t need to be able to touch your toes; you just have to be willing to try.

When: Feb 25, 2018 1pm to Feb 25, 2018 4pm in Melrose, MA
Cost: Workshop Ticket - 55.00, Workshop & 30 days of yoga classes - 85.00

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About Melrose, MA
Melrose Massachusetts was settled in the mid 18th century and since then has offered its residents scaling between the metropolis of Boston and the frontier of rural exurbia.

Melrose is mostly a residential community containing exquisite Victorian homes dating from the late 1800’s but beyond that the small city has a tradition of being self sufficient and supports housing – education – employment – health – shopping – entertainment - recreation and leisure needs of its residents.

Another vital component of the quality of life in Melrose is its open spaces. Trees line the streets and beautiful parks are dispersed in and around Melrose. The city is encircled by a “green belt” which includes the Middlesex Fells Reservation and this belt buffers it from surrounding communities.