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Melrose, MA - Local guide to the City

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Lighting for Headshots (Hunt's Photo, Melrose)
Lighting for Headshots The saying “It’s all about the light”, could not be truer for photography. If you have great light, there is a good chance of a great image. But what is great light, how to make the best of the available light, and what if you could have absolute control over the light? Discussed will be Quality of Light, how to recognize it, and how to control and modify it. We’ll start with available light, how to control it with reflectors, and augment it with camera flash. Then will be discussed how to take complete control of the lighting with studio grade lighting. Revisiting Quality of Light, discussing the size of the light, the direction of the light, and the color of the light, several multiple light setups will be demonstrated. Starting with one light, then adding a second, then third, to achieve just the look you want. The beauty of using studio flash is once you find the look or looks you like, they are repeatable. Instead of worrying about lighting you can concentrate on posing and expressions. So next time a portrait opportunity comes along requiring studio lighting, instead of declining saying “I’m an available light photographer”, say great, lets schedule a date.

When: Feb 20, 2019 6pm in Melrose, MA

MS Melrose Run Club

Join the Marathon Sports Melrose Run Club! Runners of all ability levels are welcome for our group run. Thursday nights, 6:30pm! ABOUT MARATHON SPORTS RUN CLUBS: MS Run Clubs are free, all-inclusive weekly events out of our store locations. We'll track your mileage for you, and as you hit significant milestones you'll become eligible for a special Marathon Sports Running Group discount, unique members-only gear, and other great kickbacks. All for just running, and FREE of charge.

When: Feb 21, 2019 6:30PM in Melrose, MA

Intro to Digital Printing (Melrose)

If you haven't touched your printer because you're afraid of it......if you're confused as to what settings to set on your computer......or if you haven't taken your printer out of the box...You're not alone! Printing can be intimidating, difficult, and frustrating, but it doesn't mean we should run for cover! There are a lot of basic things worth knowing about your printer and printing. In this course we will cover...• Setting up the printer• Basic print settings on the computer• Printer maintenance• Monitor calibration: Why and How?• Paper options, and why to use them Whether you use Canon, Epson or HP, the concepts in this course remain the same. This class is a thorough introduction to printing.

When: Feb 21, 2019 6pm in Melrose, MA

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About Melrose, MA
Melrose Massachusetts was settled in the mid 18th century and since then has offered its residents scaling between the metropolis of Boston and the frontier of rural exurbia.

Melrose is mostly a residential community containing exquisite Victorian homes dating from the late 1800’s but beyond that the small city has a tradition of being self sufficient and supports housing – education – employment – health – shopping – entertainment - recreation and leisure needs of its residents.

Another vital component of the quality of life in Melrose is its open spaces. Trees line the streets and beautiful parks are dispersed in and around Melrose. The city is encircled by a “green belt” which includes the Middlesex Fells Reservation and this belt buffers it from surrounding communities.