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4 BedroomBR Multi-Family HomeMulti - $529,000
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Boston - Manwhore Podcast: Live!
TOUR DE MANWHORE The Manwhore Podcast live show experience is a fun blend of comedy, tragedy, and sex-positivity! After two shows in New York City and one in Los Angeles, I would love nothing more than to take The Manwhore Podcast on the road in 2019! To where will we go? Hopefully Boston! In coordination with Brown Paper Tickets, I am experimenting with an innovative new way for indie artists to affordably tour. By selling tickets before there's a confirmed show date, up-and-coming creators can ensure an event in a foreign city is feasible. You may see my exes. You may see a panel of experts. You may see me put ordinary people in extraordinary situations. You will definitely see something funny, something honest, and something sex-positive! How It Works:
  • If fans purchase 20 pre-sale tickets in a particular market before March 31, I will come to that city this year!
  • The exact date and location of the shows are not yet determined. Shows will take place sometime between May 15 and June 30.
  • Once the minimum number of tickets sales is reached, the city will be officially activated! I will then book a date and venue and guests. Then you'll receive an email from Brown Paper Tickets with the updated information. This process should take 1-3 weeks. All ticket buyers will receive at least 6 weeks' notice about the exact date and venue.
  • When your city is activated, full price tickets will be made available until the day of the event.
  • All tickets for confirmed shows, including discounted pre-sale tickets, are non-refundable.
FAQ: What happens if not enough tickets are sold by the pre-sale deadline? If the minimum number of tickets is not reached, a show will not take place and ticket buyers will receive a refund for the full face value of the ticket (but not the BrownPaperTicket fee). What happens if my city gets really, really close but misses the deadline? Certain cities may receive extensions at the producer's discretion. How will ticket buyers be notified if their city has been activated? How will they find out when and where the show will be? All event updates will be shared via a Brown Paper Tickets email (so keep those notifications on!). The ticket count will be periodically updated to the event page. Are there refunds if I can't make the date announced? Discounted pre-sale tickets are non-refundable (though they are transferable). The benefit to this is you get a cheaper ticket and ensure that I come to your city! The downside is you don't know the particulars just yet. If you really want to have a say over the date, buy the minimum number of discounted tickets yourself, invite your friends, and shoot me an email to schedule! Why not just wait until my city is activated so I know the date? You can do that! But if your city doesn't reach the minimum tickets sold, I won't end up in your city at all. If no one is first to the party, there is no party. Is there a minimum age requirement? It is possible the venue will be 21+. If you're under 21, you purchase at your own risk. However, attempts will be made to avoid this. Is there a drink minimum? It is possible a venue will impose up to a two-drink or -item minimum, though attempts will be made to avoid this. These particulars will be announced once a venue is booked. Are there other cities you're visiting? To see a full list of potential cities, please visit the Tour De Manwhore page. I don't see my city listed. What gives? I based this list on email list subscribers and geographic download numbers. If you want a Manwhore Podcast live show in your area, email manwhorepod@gmail.com and we'll see what we can do.

When: May 15, 2019 8pm to Jun 30, 2019 11pm in Revere, MA
Cost: 10 - 10 USD

Music For All

When: Jun 21, 2019 8pm in Revere, MA

Tierra Cali (21+ Event)

When: Jun 21, 2019 8pm in Revere, MA

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Cambridge, MA
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About Revere, MA
Revere Massachusetts is home of the famous Revere Beach which has been a destination location for many generations. The amusements are gone but the beauty of the beach is still available to everyone who visits.

Revere is a highly developed residential suburb located about 5 miles from downtown Boston. Almost 900 acres of Revere is open water and wetlands and the rest is used for residential-commercial and transportation purposes.

Revere is within a short distance to all major urban amenities including museum and medical facilities as well as theaters and institutions of higher learning and is even close by Logan International Airport. The city is convenient to Routes 1 as well as Route 93 and Route 128. With three public MBTA transportation systems-you can get anywhere in the world from Revere!

Revere Beach was the first public beach in the United States and is host to Wonderland Dog Racing Track and Suffolk Downs Horse Racing Track. Revere's multi-cultural and diverse population enjoys its residential neighborhoods and takes pride in its recently developed and improved extensive system of parks.