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Lexington Massachusetts - Local guide to the Town.

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Amplify Your Vitality
What does it mean to have VITALITY? Vitality is the state of being when you are full of life and energy. It is exuberant physical, mental and emotional vigor. It is also the capacity for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence. Having vitality means you are energetic or lively.   Does this describe your life?Perhaps not because...  Throughout our lives each choice we make either boosts or depletes vitality. We have the power to choose. We are the masters of our lives. However, we exist in a culture that often does not support choices aligned with vitality, and we struggle to keep our light shinging bright. Choice by choice our vitality dims.  We get pulled into a vortex of fatigue, brain fog, pain, anxiety, confusion, worry, apathy, insomnia, depression, hopelessness, weight issues, chronic illness, autoimmune disorders, and an overwhelming lack of direction or purpose...leaving us feeling lost, disconnected, and with a nagging feeling that something is missing. We move through the years feeling less and less alive.   This existence of surviving rather than thriving, becoming weaker, slowing down, and living in pain  is what we have been conditioned to believe is the process of life.  It doesn't have to be this way.   There is a better existence.   IT IS POSSIBLE TO LIVE A VIBRANT LIFE AT ANY AGE. Are you ready to reclaim your VITALITY? What would it look like if you could live in grace, ease, and flow?  How would it feel to be truly connected and grounded?  What if your energy could last all day?  Unlike other events that force a choice between mind, body, or soul, this two day workshop offers it all... life-changing body, mind, and soul wisdom vitality boosting practices. Join us in harnessing the power of healing through living foods and herbs, shifting belief systems, setting intentions, and amplifying energy using sound immersion to live a healthy, joyous, and fulfilling life.  Reclaim the grace, ease, and flow you were born to experience  Live life with a true inner-peace that comes from being connected to your power and grounded in wellness  Possess the energy and willingness to meet your chosen obligations with plenty of reserve power to enjoy life's blessings The three of us have overcome many obstacles to living vibrant uplifting lives. During this powerful two-day in-person immersion we will reveal our wisdom and practices to help you:   Step out of fear-based decision-making and into empowered choices  Break free from limiting beliefs to boost physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness Set intentions and shift energy to reignite life force and stand in power   Leave this workshop feeling lighter and freer with a renewed sense of connection to your inner spark.   Now is your time to amplify your VITALITY! The energy on our planet has been shifting and fluctuating these past few years. And even more so in recent months. Take advantage of the opportuity to align with the elevated energy of the planet and upshift your life experience.   Gift yourself this amazing focused support.   Join us for this in-person event and weave a path to your vitality during this loving, compassionate, life-affirming growth experience.   This summer is your timeto AMPLIFY YOUR VITALITY and embrace your empowered life!  How do you value your VITALITY? If you were to spend only one hour individually with each of us, it would be a $700 investment in wellness. This workshop offers the unique opportunity for you to recieve more than 10 hours of life-changing wisdom and healing in a powerful small group setting guided by three dynamic and worldwide healers...all for just $497 [$447 if you enroll before midnight EDT on July 12th] And if this were not enough...you will also receive these vitality amplifying GIFTS:  A 60 minute Medical Medium® protocol and/or energy healing session with Jane Evans  A 60 minute Live Group Crystal Bowl Healing Session AND a 20 minute Soul Reading with Laura Hackel   Access to Mary Ann Robbat's Heal Your Negative Inherited Family Patterns video training   TOTAL VALUE OF THESE GIFTS alone is $500... ...which is MORE than the cost of the workshop! When you choose to say YES to your vitality... ...you receive the two-day life-changing interactive workshop experience PLUS these gifts That's a total value of $997......for only $497! [$397 if you enroll before midnight EDT on June 25th]   Value your VITALITY by answering the call to activate wellness of body, mind, and soul and embrace your empowered life.  Join us on July 24th & 25th AGENDA Amplify Your Vitality - Magical Matters of Body, Mind, and Soul is an immersive and experiential journey to inner wisdom to ignite your vital spark. On each of the 2 days we empower you to awaken and align your body, mind, and soul with your highest potential through physical, emotional, and energetic practices and experiences.  Wednesday, July 2410am - 4pm Welcome  Morning Workshop  Lunch Afternoon Workshop Closing Reflection  Thursday, July 2510am - 4pm: Welcome  Morning Workshop  Lunch Afternoon Workshop Closing Integration  BODY | MIND | SOUL Body Our bodies are singing out for us to make choices for ourselves aligned with healing and vitality. They long to dance in the lightness of well-being.   Are you ready to dance with vitality? Mind    Our minds are programmed to conform with rigid belief systems keeping us closed down and in-line. Our true essence is free and aligned with flow waiting to be recognized and embraced. Are you ready to embrace flow? Soul Our souls are of light, love, and compassion. They support our awakening and ask that we raise our vibration and attain our full potential. Are you ready to raise your vibration? VENUE Our intimate and energetically balanced workshop space is the perfect place to Amplify Your Vitality and is within walking distance to a variety of lunch locations and Trader Joe's. If you enjoy a lunch time stroll or eating outdoors, The Center is also nestled next to the Minuteman Trail and Mill Brook Path.

When: Jul 24, 2019 10am in Lexington, MA

Free Meeting Offering Support for Food Addiction

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) is a free Twelve Step recovery program for anyone suffering from food obsession, overeating, under-eating, bulimia or other food-related issues. There is a free meeting open to anyone interested in learning more on Wednesday nights at 7- 8:30 pm at St. Brigit, Parish Center, 1995 MA Avenue (Room 10), Lexington, MA 02421. All are welcome. The meeting happens every week. For more information about FA or for local meetings in your area, please visit: www.foodaddicts.org or contact FA directly via email: fa@foodaddicts.org or phone: 781-932-6300 between 10am - 5pm EST

When: Jul 24, 2019 7pm in Lexington, MA

Food Link Fundraiser: Rescue to Tapas 2019

Thursday, July 25, 2019 Time: 6:30pm -9:00pm Our signature fundraiser is getting a modern update with a lighter mood, lighter food, and err lighter tables. Join us for Rescue to Tapas to experience a fun evening with friends, try gourmet tapas made by local chefs from rescued food, sip some delightful wines, and support Food Link's future. Two wine/beer/non-alcoholic beverages are included with your ticket! The event will also have an exciting silent auction. Join us to become a part of the success of Food Link. Space is limited so reserve your ticket today. If you cannot attend the event, but would like to make a donation, please go to: https://www.foodlinkma.org/donate. 100% of proceeds benefit Food Link.

When: Jul 25, 2019 6:30PM to Jul 25, 2019 9pm in Lexington, MA
Cost: 0 - 1000 USD

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All-Season Landscaping 
105 Pheasant Road
Billerica, MA 01821

All-Season Snow Removal Service
All-Season Snow Removal offers a free on-site evaluation & estimate for all your snow removal needs. All-in-one programs are available year round to keep your property maintained by reliable professionals. Services include Spring and Fall clean-up, weekly lawn care & winter snow plowing.
About Lexington, MA
Lexington Massachusetts was settled in 1642 and was incorporated in 1713. Lexington is an affluent community that prides itself on the beauty of its town owned land, as well as the excellence of its public school system and the safety of its residents. The town is home to conservation lands and many parks and also museums and libraries that all provide exceptional opportunities for cultural and recreational activities. The town’s physical location provides easy access to Boston and all of New England.

Lexington’s citizens give particular attention to preserving the town’s rich historical importance as the birthplace of the American Revolution. The annual Patriot’s Day celebration in April is complete with a re-enactment of Paul Revere’s ride and the battle with the British.