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Concord Massachusetts - Information and Local Guide to the Town

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Creative Lives, Artistic Passion: Women of the Old Manse

What does it mean to "have it all?" Through the lives of five women who lived at the Old Manse between 1775 and 1905, we will learn how their desire to manage both a households and intellectual and artistic pursuits set them apart from other women of their time. Mary Moody Emerson witnessed the beginnings of the American Revolution from the Old Manse, and her nephew and protegee, Ralph Waldo Emerson, would start a revolution in literature in the 1830s. Sarah Alden Bradford Ripley was an accomplished scholar and botanist, who prepared students for Harvard. Sophia Hawthorne and Theodora Thayer were both noted artists, and Phebe Ripley an accomplished piano teacher. Through each of their lives, we will see where they took risks to pursue their artistic or intellectual passions, the personal reward, and sometimes disastrous personal consequences they faced. Their lives remind us that each of us that we can make our lives rewarding and meaningful based on the choices that we make.

When: Jul 22, 2019 12am in Concord, MA
Cost: Member Adult: FREE; Member Child: FREE; Nonmember Adult: $10; Nonmember Child: $5; Students/Seniors $9

Inside Out of the Old Manse

Explore the Old Manse inside and out! For residents of the Old Manse, the outside of the house was just as important as the inside. During this hour-long experience, you’ll explore the inside of the Old Manse, including Emerson’s study, before slipping out the backdoor, just like Hawthorne did. Once outside, we will sit on a stone wall, see the river that carried Henry David Thoreau past the Manse, the field where Reverend Ripley kept his cow, and the garden that often convinced Hawthorne to put aside his pen. Offered daily at 4pm

When: Jul 22, 2019 12am in Concord, MA
Cost: Member Adult: $10; Member Child: $5; Nonmember Adult: $15; Nonmember Child: $10;

Home to Two Revolutions

Meet the minister who sparked a revolution, his grandson that inspired the transcendental movement, and artists, musicians, and scientists who all called the Old Manse home during this house tour. From the American Revolution of 1775 through the literary revolution of the mid-19th century, you'll discover why the Old Manse is home is home to revolutions in both thought and deed that helped to define the American nation. Tours offered on the hour; first tour begins at 12pm ; last tour begins at 3PM.

When: Jul 22, 2019 11am in Concord, MA
Cost: Member Adult: FREE; Member Child: FREE; Nonmember Adult: $10; Nonmember Child: $5; Students/Seniors $9

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About Concord, MA
The town of Concord was founded in 1635 and is located in Middlesex County. Concord is know as the place where the revolutionary war began at the "Battle of Lexington and Concord".