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Pollinator, Bird & Plant Monitoring at The Fells
We welcome you to take a peep and/or help us gathering science field information relating to plants, birds and insects at the Fells. At the end, it's likely you'll love it so much, that you'll want to join our group of citizen scientists. In the course of 3+ hours we survey 5 sites (4 plant phenology sites + 1 pollinator monitoring site). We also monitor bird activities at 2 ponds. We'll record information following nationally standardized phenology and biodiversity protocols (and fed to shared global platforms). Age: Adults (16+) & Seniors.⚠️ Hiking pace between sites: Fast. We'll start with our Long Pond sites then move to the 90mm site, and finish with our Bellevue sites. Between sites, we will hike relatively fast yet very quietly, on the look out for any kind of signs. This is a great way opportunity to learn how to be alert and in tune with our environment, and to discover our urban woodland's biodiversity and cycles.ⓘ Details & Registration: This is an RSVP event. If you intend to come, we ask you kindly that you let us know, so that we can communicate with you about what to wear and what to bring, as well as to be able to inform you if there is any change plan due to weather and other reasons. Thanks! Register here.✉ For any question, you can contact Claire at citizenscience@earthwiseaware.orgⓘ Learn about Earthwise Aware » https://www.earthwiseaware.org/$ Free with a value: This event is free, still... donations to EwA are always welcomed! » Donate at https://www.earthwiseaware.org/donate[Read More...]꙳ EwA Citizen Science: For us, at EwA, this is about the general public engagement in scientific research activities when citizens actively contribute to science either with their intellectual effort or surrounding knowledge or with their tools and resources. Participants provide experimental data and facilities for researchers, raise new questions and co-create a new scientific culture. While adding value, volunteers acquire new learning and skills, and deeper understanding of the scientific work in an appealing way. As a result of this open, networked and trans-disciplinary scenario, science-society-policy interactions are improved leading to a more democratic research based on evidence-informed decision making.꙳ EwA Phenology monitoring is part of our effort to collect information about the impact of climate change on the synchronicity of fauna and flora phenophases (i.e., observable stages or phases in the annual life cycle of a plant or animal that can be defined by a start and end point). ꙳ EwA's Pollinator Survey and Bird Monitoring are intended to help local entomologists and global scientists. This kind of data is lacking, and the type of information we record helps filling this data gap. We feed the info to different global databases that are tracking species richness, population abundance and pollinator and bird phenophases. This is much needed scientific effort to understand the collapse of insect populations -that is being been observed all over the world in the past few years. The data is critical to help understand the implications on avian population, other fauna at large, on our own species (e.g., food security).#nature #ecology #biodiversity #phenology #conservation #citizenScience #science

When: Aug 28, 2019 9:30AM in Winchester, MA

Art at the Farm

Come to Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester for an afternoon of plant-based art: botanical drawing, tie-dye and pottery! Enjoy a walk on our trails or say hello to our goats and chickens. Open to artists of all ages.

We will be creating art projects that focus on the organic fruits and vegetables grown at Wright-Locke Farm, taking advantage of our 20 acres of open space: learning to make botanical drawings of farm-grown produce; tie-dying shirts using plant-based dyes, and trying out pottery with our friends from POW! Pots on Wheels.

Parking is available at 82 Ridge Street and at Mullen Field (42 Lockeland Road). Activities will happen rain or shine and be both inside and outside — please come dressed for the weather!

When: Oct 2, 2019 12am in Winchester, MA

Barbell Medicine Pain and Rehab Seminar-Boston, MA

Join Drs. Ray and Miles for the Barbell Medicine Pain and Rehab seminar in Boston, MA. The Barbell Medicine Pain & Rehab seminar is dedicated to helping attendees understand and implement scientific principles into clinical practice in order to provide evidence-based care to their patients dealing with pain and the rehab process.  This seminar is appropriate for clinicians, coaches, and trainers who wish to increase their knowledge base about pain, rehab, and case specific exercise prescriptions.  The course will be lecture based involving audio/visual presentation and includes break-out sessions where participants will practically apply the information they are learning. After completion of this 2-day seminar, attendees will have a broad understanding of the current best scientific evidence regarding the topics and how to apply such knowledge to clinical practice. Seminar Lecture Series Our lectures revolve around the most common health issues seen in both primary care by clinicians and in the gym by coaches. We'll cover the background epidemiology, pathophysiology, and available treatments including training, nutrition, and lifestyle modification so that the attendee is armed with an arsenal of information to put into immediate practice. Lecture topics include: Evidence Based Practice Pain Education Hip Pain Shoulder Pain Low Back Pain Youth Resistance Training, and ACL Rehab  Question & Answer Sessions Every seminar will include a question and answer session where Drs. Ray and Miles will spend time answering all your questions. You can also find the Barbell Medicine Lecture & Seminar Material YouTube playlist here. Break Out Coaching Sessions Body region lectures will be followed by break-out sessions where Drs. Ray and Miles will take participants through relevant exercises. Examples will include variations of the following movements: Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Overhead Press, and Dynamic Loading.  This seminar is directed at anyone to increase their knowledge base on common health issues, available interventions, lifting technique, and core strength and conditioning practices.  If you have any questions about the seminar, feel free to email us at info@barbellmedicine.com or checkout our website at www.barbellmedicine.com. Spots are limited and every seminar has sold out quickly. Sign up today!

When: Nov 2, 2019 8am in Winchester, MA

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All-Season Landscaping 
105 Pheasant Road
Billerica, MA 01821

All-Season Snow Removal Service
All-Season Snow Removal offers a free on-site evaluation & estimate for all your snow removal needs. All-in-one programs are available year round to keep your property maintained by reliable professionals. Services include Spring and Fall clean-up, weekly lawn care & winter snow plowing.
About Winchester, MA
Winchester Massachusetts is a thriving residential community that is noted for its fine public school system along with its beautiful homes and easy access to Boston.

The late 1800's saw the development of Winchester as an affluent suburban community. Wealthy businessmen moved out of Boston to "the country" and built large and opulent homes. The town's character is still reflected in these beautiful houses built just before and after the turn of the century.

The village atmosphere remains and is fueled by the unusual civic spirit of Winchester's residents. The citizens of the town take an intensive interest in the management of its affairs and in its continued improvement and beautification.