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Winchester, MA Local Information - Business Directory and Guide to the Town of Winchester

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6 BedroomBR Single Family HomeSingle - $3,295,000
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Brio's Intermediate ASL Course
Ali is back teaching the Intermediate Course in ASL (American Sign Language) at our new location in Winchester. She will take you to the next step in learning this visual expressive language this summer. This 10 Week course is for people who have basic understanding of ASL. The course includes 10 classes, and would be best to take all the classes, or at least try to start within the first 3 classes. The course is free, but we are asking for a small donation of $5  each or $50 for the ten classes to help sustain the program, if you can afford it. We have had all ages in our classes, from 10 to 60 years old and all abilities.No class on Memorial Day - May 27th. Ali Schmalenberger is a state-certified ASL teacher and interpreter. She is involved in the local deaf community, always expanding her knowledge of the culture and language. She has a Master of Education in Mathematics and has tutored and taught in a variety of subjects since 2004, but tends to focus on Mathematics and Science. She has found her passion for teaching and is eager to share any knowledge she can with the community.

When: May 20, 2019 7:15AM in Winchester, MA

Brio's Beginner ASL 10 Week Course

Keep Calm and Sign on.Learn a new language, a visual language – American Signing Language with Lawrence Simeone. If you have never signed before and want to know how, this is the course for you. In this fun and engaging our small group you will signing in no time. The Beginner American Sign Language will be taught by ASL teacher, Lawrence Simeone.Course is at Brio’s Studio and will run consecutive Monday for 10 weeks. This course is for students with no ASL background. We will learn the alphabet and words.Open to the public, all ages and abilities. Limit 12 participants. 10 classes starts May 13th and ends July 22,  6:15PM-7:15PM (except May 27 Memorial Day)Suggested Donation: $5.00 per class or $50 for the 10 classes. Lawrence Simeone
 graduated University of Vermont in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. During his college, he took American Sign Language and has been in love with it since. Larry has also volunteered in the past for various organizations dealing with Special Needs Children and Adults from Gymnastics to Equestrian Sports.

When: May 20, 2019 6:15PM in Winchester, MA

Business Owner Roundtable

As a business leader of a Boston North West area business, you are invited to a Business Owners’ Roundtable on Tuesday, May 21 or Wednesday, May 22. There you will meet with other area business owners to discuss and strategize the unique challenges and opportunities we each face, like employee retention, engagement, and IT issues. Hosted by Electra Govoni of The Alternative Board (Boston North West), this event presents a great opportunity to experience a strategic roundtable with business leaders who are growth-minded and determined to make this their best year to date. If this sounds like you, then this is a must-attend event! According to statistics reported by Fast Company and Business.com, companies whose owners participate in mastermind groups like this enjoy revenues 19% - 43% higher than those that don’t! At this meeting you will have the opportunity to present or hear about a unique local business challenge or opportunity, provide your perspective and advice and brainstorm solutions. All topics discussed will be confidential, with all participants signing a non-disclosure agreement. Facilitated by Electra of The Alternative Board, the event is by invitation only and is being held at The Sanborn House in Winchester. There is no cost to attend and breakfast will be provided. Seating is limited, so please register for either event date now – I look forward to seeing you there! Sincerely, Electra Govoni Owner The Alternative Board – (Boston North West)

When: May 21, 2019 8am in Winchester, MA

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All-Season Landscaping 
105 Pheasant Road
Billerica, MA 01821

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About Winchester, MA
Winchester Massachusetts is a thriving residential community that is noted for its fine public school system along with its beautiful homes and easy access to Boston.

The late 1800's saw the development of Winchester as an affluent suburban community. Wealthy businessmen moved out of Boston to "the country" and built large and opulent homes. The town's character is still reflected in these beautiful houses built just before and after the turn of the century.

The village atmosphere remains and is fueled by the unusual civic spirit of Winchester's residents. The citizens of the town take an intensive interest in the management of its affairs and in its continued improvement and beautification.