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Shirley Massachusetts - Information and Local Guide to the Town

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Albert Cummings
When: Nov 2, 2018 8pm in Shirley, MA

Vanilla Fudge ... Nov 29, 2018 @ The Bull Run Shirley MA

Mark Stein, Vince Martel, Carmine Appice ..."You Keep Me Hanging On" Vanilla Fudge was one of the first American groups to infuse psychedelia into a heavy rock sound to create “psychedelic symphonic rock” an eclectic genre which would, among its many offshoots, eventually morph into heavy metal. Hits include: "You Keep Me Hanging On", "Shotgun", "Take Me For A Little While", "Bang Bang", "Season Of The Witch", "People Get Ready", "Eleanor Rigby", & "She's Not There". Truely one of the best classic rock bands you'll ever see! Amazing! Celebrating their 50th Anniversary. Advance Tickets are on sale now.

When: Nov 29, 2018 8pm in Shirley, MA

Coco Montoya

When: Dec 2, 2018 8pm in Shirley, MA

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About Shirley, MA
Shirley is a rural industrial town located on the lowlands of the Catacoonamaug River. A handful of colonists arrived in 1720 and settled on scattered farms throughout the town.

Early in its history Shirley was supported by its many farms and orchards. There was an increase in industrial activity around 1790 and the first paper mill was opened followed shortly after by a small iron works and nail factory.

The location of the water to power industries served to create an industrial village along the narrow valley where Shirley is located. Many of the period brick towered mills still survive and create an authentic period landscape.