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Townsend Massachusetts - Local information and Townsend business directory

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3 BedroomBR Single Family HomeSingle - $275,000
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GentleBirth ChildBirth Class
Bring your birth partner and spend the day together learning how to prepare for the most positive birth experience you both can have.  A positive state-of-mind and informed decision-making are the most effective predictors of a truly positive birth, as remembered by a mama. GentleBirth is not just a birth education program, it's a mind-body training specifically designed to equip women (and their partners) for a positive birth and an emotionally resilient parenthood. Just like an athlete trains mentally, emotionally and physically for their big event, we teach women brain training techniques for success on one of the biggest days of their lives. What you’ll learn:During this one-day workshop I will share empowering information and tools that will leave you and your birth partner feeling confident, inspired, and excited to be fully engaged in your birth experience. Here’s what you’ll come away with: useful insights about labor and birth physiology (including how to hack those birth hormones for a more efficient and comfortable birth!) identify and break the fears and beliefs around birth that won’t serve you on the day and develop ones that will understanding the stages of labor comfort measures & pain management techniques for labor and birth - these include both non-pharmacological (i.e, how to use the birth ball, acupressure techniques before and during labor, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, etc.) and pharmacological (i.e. epidural, nitrous oxide, etc.). ways for birth partner to support you - applying comfort measures like acupressure, knowing what to say, understanding what’s going on and knowing how to advocate for you breathing techniques during the different stages of birth birth position options including mother-led pushing visualization techniques to help create a personal and positive birth story applying mindfulness practices, learnings from sports psychology, and hypnosis to prepare for birth how to create an optimal and personalized birthing environment at home and at the hospital the needs of the newborn in first hours after birth and how to initiate breastfeeding your postpartum needs and how to prepare for postpartum and most importantly how to develop a mindset and train the brain using mindfulness, hypnosis, and sports psychology for a positive birth experience as defined by you, and only you. They say your life will never be the same after the birth of your baby, let's make sure you open the chapter with the most positive birth experience, as defined by you. If you're inspired, join me and an intimate group of other couples in this upcoming classes.   Each ticket admits expectant mom and her birth partner. 

When: Jun 9, 2019 10am in Townsend, MA

Thrive! for Seniors: Reduce Stress & Build Resilience

Chronic stress can decrease quality of life and promote illness so it’s important to optimize your health..learn how with doable strategies!

When: Jun 13, 2019 11am in Townsend, MA

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About Townsend, MA
The Town of Townsend Massachusetts was founded in 1732 and is located in Middlesex County.

Townsend contains about 10000 year round residents.

The town Common is host to Fall Fairs, art and band shows. The Squannacook River provides chances for boating, fishing and swimming.