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Harvard, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Harvard Events
North Central Mass. LGBTQ Drop-in Center
The North Central MA LGBTQ+ drop-in center provides a safe space for LGBT youth ages 13-18 in Harvard and surrounding towns. The center provides support and resources, along with activities such as crafts, educational workshops, movies, and other activities chosen by the youth. An adult facilitator will attend each meeting. Contact Kim Houston at kimpihouston@gmail.com for more information or questions. Go to fivesparks.org for complete calendar listings for the center.Category: Lifestyle | LGBT

When: Feb 26, 2020 2:30PM to Feb 26, 2020 4:30PMin Harvard, MA

Five-Element Chinese Moving Yoga-Qigong with Master Instructor Robin J. Bonazzoli

10 week series | January 10th - March 13th (Snow Dates: March 20th and 27th)

Five Element Qigong is a flowing Chinese yogic system for stress-release, healing and energy building based on the ancient medical and spiritual philosophy of yang and yin, and the five elements in nature.

Relax and flow into vitality through internal energy massage of the organs, joints, and muscles using the lights of the 5 primary colors and their corresponding seasonal elements: winter-water, spring-wood, early summer-fire, early autumn-earth, and autumn-metal. This qigong is excellent for adults of all ages, including seniors. Martial artists-athletes-dancers can use this qigong on their off training days toward staying in peak condition or to help heal from injuries.  We present a time-tested qigong series offered to the healthy and those rehabilitating alike, chosen for its supreme efficacy by the clinical medicine department at Hai Dian University Hospital in Beijing, China.             

What is Qigong? Qigong is an energy refinement practice that connects us to the gravitational-spiritual force of the universe “Qi” to facilitate health and wellness. Move body-mind-spirit into the universal breath, light and biorhythm of the earth in relation to the sun, moon, and stars. Relax into your natural physical structure to result in a supple you with more: strength, agility, focus and emotional wellbeing. Open into joy, kindness, wisdom and love!

*Water*       *Wood*          *Fire*          *Earth*        *Metal*        

Master Instructor Robin J. Bonazzoli is a licensed acupuncturist and certified Medical Qigong Practitioner. She received her qigong training intensively over 30 years with renowned Masters in China and the U.S., including a traditional discipleship during 11 years in Tokyo, Japan in the Chungnan lineage of Qigong, Tai Chi and Hsing I. A martial artist and meditator since her teens, Robin has 20 years of experience teaching a vast array of systems of qigong, tai chi, and meditation. Robin’s focus is to make simple and clear how be and move with the spiritual force of heaven, nature, humanity and the animals as a way into joy, wellness, clarity and compassion.

Assistant Instructor Leslie Higley holds a doctorate in medical qigong from the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Henan, China) through the International College of Medical Qigong. In addition to qigong healing techniques, she has trained in taichi and moving qigong for 15 years. She has also been involved with Buddhism for 25 years including intensive Zen retreats in Japan.


When: Feb 28, 2020 10:30AM in Harvard, MA
Cost: Member: $220; Nonmember: $275; Registration for full 10-week series

Frozen Fruitlands

Winter at Fruitlands means outdoor fun and adventure each weekend!

Every Saturday and Sunday, January through March, bring your winter boots, sleds, snowshoes, or cross-country skis for some high energy fun as you explore our hills and woodland trails.  There will be a toasty fire outside the Wayside Gallery and hot chocolate available inside the building. Take a break from the cold in our “Wayside Living Room” with cozy seating, children’s books, and games. A Fruitlands staff member will be available to recommend trails and to answer questions. Be sure to check in at the Gift Shop for an admission sticker.

New this year! Rent a pair of snowshoes to use out on the trails and grounds. A limited selection of Adult and Child sizes available. Member: $10, Nonmember: $15

Frozen Fruitlands includes admission to the Art Gallery. Enjoy this season’s exhibitions Visions of Design: Parallels in Mid-Century Modern and Shaker Furniture, A New England State of Mind: The Pioneering Collector, Clara Sears, and A New View: Landscapes from the Permanent Collection.

When: Feb 29, 2020 12am in Harvard, MA
Cost: Member Adult: FREE; Member Child: FREE; Nonmember Adult: $5; Nonmember Children 5 and under, Free

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About Harvard, MA
Harvard is a well preserved rural town. Residents enjoy Bare Hill Pond which is a 330 acre lake where you may swim and sail and canoe in the summer and cross country ski and skate in the winter. There are over 2,000 acres of conservation land throughout Harvard which interconnect with many walking trails.

The Harvard school system has the highest rating in Worcester County and is considered the main reason why many families choose to live in Harvard. Bromfield High School graduates are accepted at a wide variety of upscale colleges all across the country.