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Salt Cave Spa Session
Come enjoy a 40-minute Salt Cave Spa session.Sit back in a zero gravity chair and simply relax. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. What to bring:• Water• Blanket for those who run cold• Sleep mask for those who relax best in darkness• Ear Plugs for those who are sensitive to sound as the halo-generator does make some noise• Ear Buds for those who want to listen to their music or other audio programs that enhance meditation Positive ions are produced by electronic devices and are thought to damage the body. Spending time in a Himalayan salt room allows the negative ions to replace the unhealthy positive ions.Additionally, a halo-generator is used to reproduce the micro-climate of a naturally occurring salt cave by dispersing saline aerosol at a high concentration. Halo-therapy can have positive effects on the respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune systems. It can reduce bronchial inflammation and thins mucous in the lungs. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of halo-therapy can provide relief from a variety of health conditions including:• Acne• Allergies• Bronchitis• COPD• Ear infections• Eczema• Hay fever• Psoriasis• Sinusitis• Sleep Apnea• Snoring• Stress and fatigue• WheezingNote: The salt acts as an anti-bacterial agent through the air in the Salt Cave Spa room. The rest of the facility is not surrounded by salt, so we discourage anyone from coming in that is contagious. Contraindications – Salt therapy is NOT recommended if you suffer from:• Severe hypertension• Relapsing and massive bleeding of any kind• Blood diseases in acute stage• Acute stage of respiratory diseases• Severe chronic respiratory failure• Active tuberculosis• Mental disorders and all kinds of drug addiction• Malignant diseases• Intoxication• Cachexia• Pregnancy (no research)• Internal diseases in decompensation• Cardiac insufficiencyNote: Toddlers should not spend more than 10 minutes in a salt room. Older children should not spend more than 20 minutes in salt room.If you have any concern about using salt therapy, please consult a medical professional.

When: May 23, 2019 6pm in Littleton, MA


We're gearing up for one of the greatest achievements in history - Bunks Across America! Our goal is to unite the nation to break a Guinness Book World Record and do good simultaneously. We're going to attempt to build 2,500 bunk beds (or 5,000 beds) on June 15th, 2019, and we can use all the help we can get! Bunks Across America is a day for communities nationwide to get together to build beds for children who don’t have beds to sleep in. This day should stand as a revelation to those who don’t know there is a problem and a beacon of hope to those who don’t know there is a solution. We want as many people as possible to get involved to be a part of the solution.   FAQs   How can I contact the organiser with any questions? You can direct all questions to christopher.alphen@shpbeds.org or call 978-394-2544     FAQs   Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? Must be 12 years or older. Indemnification form must be signed by all participants     FAQs   What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event? Parking will be available at Littleton Lumber and the mill building on Great Road with direct access to Littleton Lumber     FAQs   What can I bring into the event? Food and drinks will be available along with protective equipment for building the beds. Dress appropriately for the weather and wear appropriate footwear   

When: Jun 15, 2019 10am in Littleton, MA

Rhythm of The Night

When: Jun 16, 2019 11am in Littleton, MA

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About Littleton, MA
The Town of Littleton was founded in 1715 and is located in the Middlesex County area on the outer edge of suburban Boston.

During the 19th century the Standard Vinegar Company moved to the town and for the first time the production of apple juice surpassed vinegar and became the top selling item and the name was changed from the Standard Vinegar Company to Very Fine Products. Still today the primary production facility remains in its home town of Littleton Massachusetts.

Recreational activities in the community include kick boxing along with skating and hockey as well as skiing and snowboarding.