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Shringara Triveni: A Dance Theater Presentation in support of Ivy Child International
Jothi Raghavan - considered as one of the best in the field, is a master Bharatha Natyam dancer/teacher /choreographer is a recipient of Choreographer’s fellowship from the National endowment for the arts. Raghavan will be presenting her original work “Shringara Triveni” along with her dance company. The dance production will perform with an ensemble of musicians from India on August 19th from 3pm -7:00pm at the Performing Arts Center at Littleton High School, Littleton MA. The performance brings together the movements vocabularies of the traditional Bhartha Natyam dance and other regional dances of India and Indian classical music  Shringara Triveni: Godha(Andal) and Meera are mystics whose outpourings are celebrated all over India. Radha considered the divine consort of Krishna has kindled the imagination of many a poet extoling their love. Shringara Triveni - “love trinity “explores the love and longing of Godha and Meera through their poetry and Radha through the words of Saint poet Jayadaeva from his immortal work Geeta Govindam Jothi Raghavan and the group of dancers will perform the fast-paced, intricate and expressive classical Indian dance form Bharatha Natyam along with other regional styles of dance. One of the most ancient and well preserved of all the classical Indian dance styles Bharatha Natyam is made up of Nritta, characterized by highly intricate footwork and rhythmic patterns and Nritya, gesture and mime that allow the dancer/storyteller to share the nuances of mood and emotion. The Music for the production is composed by acclaimed musician Sudha Raghuraman who will be providing vocals along with the ensemble consisting of flutist G. Raghuraman Revathi Ramaswamy playing Veena (ancient Indian string instrument) N. Narayanaswamy playing Mridangam (Double sided Indian drum ) Jerry Leake – Multi percussion. The event is in support of Ivy Child International, a non-profit providing mindfulness-based health education to children and families.  Sponsorship opportunities available. Please contact Rose at rose@ivychild.org for more info.

When: Aug 19, 2018 3pm in Littleton, MA

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About Littleton, MA
The Town of Littleton was founded in 1715 and is located in the Middlesex County area on the outer edge of suburban Boston.

During the 19th century the Standard Vinegar Company moved to the town and for the first time the production of apple juice surpassed vinegar and became the top selling item and the name was changed from the Standard Vinegar Company to Very Fine Products. Still today the primary production facility remains in its home town of Littleton Massachusetts.

Recreational activities in the community include kick boxing along with skating and hockey as well as skiing and snowboarding.