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Needham, MA Local Information - Business Directory and Local Town Guide to Needham

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The Truth About Estate Planning
The Truth About Estate Planning: Rules for and Tools for Effective Estate Planning This class is designed to review some of the key estate planning topics covered in Estate Planning 101. It will review the basics of estate tax planning and creditor protection, as well as powers of appointment, trust protectors, and other techniques to provide the flexibility your spouse, and beneficiary will need. It will then cover two very important techniques to reduce income taxes on trust beneficiaries. One technique involves ensuring that trust assets get a step up in basis to the extent possible. The other will let your beneficiaries receive income from the trust without paying the significantly higher marginal rates on trustees. Anyone whose trust calls for school bus protections for their beneficiaries should attend this class. At the class, we will cover the steps necessary to implement these changes in your trust. The class is highly interactive; questions are welcome.  Participants will receive a loose leaf binder containing forms and checklists to begin their planning, or to review an existing plan.  The class is held in Suite 102 at 160 Gould St., Needham, MA.  It generally lasts about 1 ½ to 2 hours, depending on the level of interaction, and the number of questions. To inquire about the availability of late registrations, call 617-624-3350.  

When: Nov 13, 2018 6pm in Needham Heights, MA

The Truth About Business Transition Planning

The Truth About Business Transition Planning Sooner or later, everyone leaves their business -- either horizontally or vertically. Achieving a smooth vertical exit requires education, counseling, creation of a professional team, funding and maintenance -- just like any other estate plan. And when an owner retires, becomes disabled, or dies, there can be significant issues with maintaining value for the benefit of the family and for other owners.In Business Transition Planning 101, business owners learn to think of their business as an asset, not just a job, and to lay the foundation for a successful business transition. The class identifies some of the overlooked problems, and introduces a system to avoid those problems. This workshop is led by Bill Coyne.  

When: Nov 14, 2018 8am in Needham Heights, MA

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About Needham, MA
The Town of Needham was founded in 1711 and is located in Norfolk County within the loop of the Charles River.

The famous artist Newell Convers Wyeth or better known as N.C. was born on October 22 1882 in the town of Needham and was raised on a small farm close by. Thirty of Wyeth's paintings are able to be seen in the town library.

Also visit the Needham Historical Society for other interesting facts about the town.