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Dover, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Dover Events
Vinyasa Yoga on the Farm
When: Jul 18, 2019 12am in Dover, MA
Cost: Member: $9; Nonmember: $15;

Mindfulness on the Farm

Are you looking for a way to reduce anxiety, de-stress, and stay more focused? Research shows mindfulness benefits wellness and can shift our perspective toward a more joyous life. Every Thursday at 6:45a.m., Morana Lasic, M.D., an Anesthesiologist at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and longtime neighbor of the farm, leads a 30-minute session of “Mindfulness on the Farm.” Bring your mat, comfortable clothes and an open mind.

When: Jul 18, 2019 12am in Dover, MA
Cost: Member: FREE; Nonmember: $5;

Open Barnyard

Visit our piglets, chickens, sheep, goats and bunnies at our fun barnyard! Learn about what our furry farm friends eat, how much they sleep, and what they do each day. You will also participate in other activities like brush a goat, make a barnyard craft, feed the pigs, and more.

When: Jul 18, 2019 10am in Dover, MA
Cost: Member Child: $5; Nonmember Child: $10;

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About Dover, MA
The Town of Dover Massachusetts was founded in 1784 and is located in Norfolk County about 16 miles south west of Boston.

In the year 2003 Dover was ranked #1 in the Boston Magazine for the best place to live and the healthiest towns in greater Boston!

Dover is a residential community which still retains some of its semi rural character.