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Walpole, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Bird Park Spring Bunny Quest (Self-Guided)

Spring has sprung at Bird Park! The birds are busy building nests, the spring peepers are "peeping" by the pond, the tree buds are beginning to burst, and the resident cottontail bunnies can be seen hopping around the park! To celebrate this exciting time in nature and at the park, we invite you to participate in our Spring Bunny Quest! For this self-guided adventure, all you need are some good walking shoes and a keen eye to spot the six wooden bunny sculptures hidden throughout the park. You don't have to find all six at once --- you can explore the park in search of the bunnies (both real and fake) as many times as you like! If you find a bunny sculpture, sign your name in the bunny's notebook (suggestions for bunny names welcome)!  The quest runs from April 13 - May 12, dawn to dusk. If you need a little help, a map with the locations of the bunnies will be posted on Facebook @friendsofbirdpark.

Price: FREE

Registration not required. Questions? Membership? Contact Maura (508-668-6136; mogara@thetrustees.org). For updates and announcements, please follow Bird Park programs on Facebook @friendsofbirdpark.

When: Apr 21, 2019 12am in Walpole, MA
Cost: FREE

2012 CCM Boston Spring

When: Apr 26, 2019 12am to Apr 28, 2019 12am in Walpole, MA

2005 CCM Boston Spring Invitation

When: Apr 26, 2019 12am to Apr 28, 2019 12am in Walpole, MA

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About Walpole, MA
The Town of Walpole Massachusetts was founded in 1724 and is located in Norfolk County just 19 miles south of Boston. The town was named in honor of the Prime Minister of England, Sir Robert Walpole.

Walpole consists of about 23000 year round residents.

Because of its 20 miles of breathtaking land many families have found the charm of its rural character to be an ideal place to raise a family.