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Natick Massachusetts - Local guide to the Town

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Natick Events
Fabio Napoleoni – Emotional Experience: The Collected Works
Fabio Napoleoni – Emotional Experience: The Collected Works, a newly-curated collection from the Artist will be on exhibition and available for acquisition at Boston’s Dzian Gallery. The collection will be on exhibition at the gallery from October 6 through October 21, 2018. Napoleoni will make an in-gallery appearance on Saturday, October 6 from 2:00-6:00pm. The exhibit features limited editions on canvas, paper and metal. The Artist will personalize the pieces during the Artist Appearance for Collectors. Artist appearance is complimentary to the public, but RSVPs suggested at 508-655-6522 or info@dzian.net. Visit www.dzian.net for more info.

When: Oct 6, 2018 12am to Oct 21, 2018 12am in Natick, MA

Parent Workshop: Navigating Learning Challenges Through the School Years

Academy MetroWest is proud to present Dr. Joseph Moldover, Psy.D, a highly respected neuropsychologist with a private practice in Wellesley. Doctor Moldover's presentation is entitled Navigating the Schools Years: Understanding Learning, Social, and Executive Functioning Challenges from Kindergarten through Adulthood. It's a lifespan perspective focusing on how the same issue looks very different at different ages and in different settings. Parents of a child with one particular disability or learning difference might have one experience in 2nd grade and another in middle school, and parents of a child with LBLD a totally different course. This workshop is open to the public and admission is free. RSVPs are greatly appreciated.  www.academymetrowest.com www.drmoldover.com

When: Oct 17, 2018 7:15PM in Natick, MA

Sun Rise Yoga

Enjoy this early morning yoga class and set yourself up for the day ahead This hour-long 7:00am class draws on a variety of yoga styles to create a wonderful way to wake up and get ready to move through your day with increased vitality and ease. All are welcome! Tuesday Class taught by Barbara Heyd Thursday Class taught by Kimberly McClure Drop In classes are $15.00 cash/check. 

When: Oct 18, 2018 7am in Natick, MA

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About Natick, MA
Natick Massachusetts was established in 1650 and is a suburban industrial town located on the upper basin of the Charles and Concord Rivers. It is nestled beside the Massachusetts Turnpike and Route 9 making it very convenient.

Form its earliest colonial days Natick was a prime target for development because it had good agricultural land as well as fish runs and water power. Natick also supported itself with some lumbering and grist and sawmills were established. Local lore claims that several loads of men from Natick journeyed out to the California gold rush in 1849 and returned with enough capital to start their independent businesses. With the first shoe sole maker in 1827 the shoe industry dominated the community by the early 19th century and shoes were shipped to the western and southern markets by 1830. By the 1880’s Natick was the third largest manufacturer of shoes in the country.

Today Natick has become an industrial Boston-oriented suburban community that includes intense strip mall development on Route 9.