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Middleton, MA - Local guide to the Town

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Etiquette Boot Camp for Kids {Ages 4-7}
Etiquette Boot Camp for Kids {Ages 4-7} is an interactive and entertaining 2-part class specifically designed with young audience in mind. The program will cover basic manners and table manners. In basic manners children will learn how to introduce themselves, when to interrupt, and how to show respect to their parents, peers and siblings. The table manners curriculum will teach children how to set the table, pass food, use their napkin and utensils, and more. Parents are welcome to attend the last 10 minutes of each class when we review major concepts covered. This will allow parents to continue to help support their child/ren at home and open discussions on relevant topics. Part 1: Wednesday, Oct. 25th Part 2: Wednesday, Nov. 1st 4pm to 5pm For more info visit TheEtiquetteAcademy.org!

When: Nov 1, 2017 4pm in Middleton, MA

The Mood Swings Orchestra (includes dinner)

When: Feb 10, 2018 7pm in Middleton, MA

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About Middleton, MA
Middleton Massachusetts is a town conveniently located near many major highways which makes it an ideal home for commuters and their families. Thoughtful zoning by-laws have allowed for a careful blend of family homes and a variety of retail and commercial properties.

In Middleton you will also find lots of protected open space that assures its rural character. It is governed by open town meeting comprised of an appointed town administrator under the direction of five selectmen.

Middleton schools offer an excellent educational program for preschool through grade six. Grades 7-12 are part of the Masconomet Regional School District which is a system of national renown. The town continues an active commitment to all of its children throughout the community.

Townspeople say that even with all of its modern services and facilities Middleton is still a small town where the librarian knows the residents’ favorite books and the policeman is still a friendly face.