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Danvers, MA guide to the town of Danvers

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Danvers Events
The Stargazing Gala! Help Fight ALS!
A Hollywood style, red carpet, summer send-off like no other!  We all know there's nothing to do on the North Shore. This is the perfect excuse to get off the couch and get dressed up! Make sure you look your best! You will not want to miss this! The night starts off with a beautiful red carpet with paparazzi photography. Upon entrance to the massive venue, the room will be filled with light and butler style appetizers served through out the area.  Just as the chocolate fountain begins to run dry, the lights will dim and then we'll see the aerialist fly over the crowds on ruby red silks in a sparkling, spectacular performance.  After that, a fantastic light show as the curtain opens and DJ Danny T performs with an unbelievable performance of color and music as we all dance and enjoy ourselves for the remainder of the evening. In addition to an awesome night of fun and entertainment, BOW TIE Events is donating a portion of the proceeds to the Frates Foundation to help fight ALS! TICKET SALES END AUGUST 17TH! DON'T MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN EVERYONE! So break out those fancy dress clothes you’ve been waiting for an excuse to wear and enjoy the glitz and glamor one final time this summer!

When: Aug 24, 2018 7pm in Danvers, MA

I Want to Be a Musketeer

Revolutionary Theater Company follows up Short Stories & Tall Tales with I Want to Be a Musketeer.  The story of the Three Musketeers, well, four Musketeers, but actually it is the story of D'Artagnion. No wait, what is this play about?  Anyhow, follow these characters as they make their way through France and the very play itself.  Featuring a talented and comedic cast as they create a new spin on the timeless tale.  Unreliable Narrator – Rob ManteganiCardinal – Carlton PowersLt. Babbage – Josh MadrugaLady DeWinter – Joey Phoenix Lady Constance – Amanda CollinsRochefort – Rylan Brooks WorkmanPorthos – Jon WorkmanAthos – Irene AxelrodAramis – Matt Lundergan D’artiagion – Josh Black Directed & Written by Josh BlackStage Managed by Naomi Olofson-BlackProduced by Naomi Olofson-Black & Thera Driscoll

When: Aug 25, 2018 5:30PM in Danvers, MA

Third Man In

Third Man In and Livin' The Dream share the stage! Come see two great local bands perform at Breakaway in Danvers Ma on Saturday, August 25th. You will be sure to dance the night away with a wide range of music covering 80's, 90's, classic rock, country rock, pop, and more! If you like it, chances are you will hear it. Get there early and enjoy some of the best food and drinks around!

When: Aug 25, 2018 9pm in Danvers, MA

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About Danvers, MA
Danvers, Massachusetts is a town in southern Essex County and one of the earliest settlements in the area. As early as 1630, colonists had moved in to the area about the time when Salem began allocating land grants and a village was established in what is currently modern Danvers in 1636. Governor John Endicott was one of the first settlers there and he established Orchard Farms, a very large land holding for its time, with 300 to 400 acres.

Danvers has easy access to major roadways and highways north and south has transformed it from a small colonial farming community to a vigorous suburban municipality which is proud of its retail establishments, municipal services and excellent school system.