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Beverly Massachusetts - Local Information Guide to the City of Beverly

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YMCA Healthy Living Program - Cabot
When: Oct 25, 2017 12am to Oct 24, 2018 12am in Beverly, MA

Studio Discovery (North Shore - Saturday)

When: Apr 7, 2018 12am to Jun 2, 2018 12am in Beverly, MA

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About Beverly, MA
Beverly Massachusetts is a city in the northeastern part of the state that was founded in 1626 and is one of the Commonwealth's oldest communities.

The first ship commissioned by the Navy sailed from Beverly Harbor and residents believe Beverly to be the birthplace of the United States Navy. The city has the distinction of being the location of the first cotton mill and the first Sunday school in the country.

Over the past 50 years the city has shifted from an industrial site with huge manufacturers to a bedroom community that is 85% residential and emphasizes its academic and cultural facilities.

Beverly is the home of private Endicott College and the public North Shore Community College as well as the site of the North Shore Music Theater that hosts Broadway productions and famous music acts. Some of the most historic families live on gracious estates in the northern section of the city.

Beverly also houses a first rate hospital, miles of beautiful beach, and a diverse population. It offers everything from rural to urban lifestyles and residents believe it is all anyone could want in a hometown.