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Methuen Massachusetts - Local Guide to the City

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Methuen Events
Mike Birch
Acoustic open mic. Sign-ups start at 7, go in order of sign-up.

When: May 29, 2019 7:30PM in Methuen, MA

HVAC Check Certification (F.W. Webb, Methuen)

In this HVAC Check raining, contractors will be trained in the AC Check and Mini-Split (MS) Check procedures. MS Check is a new testing procedure, developed by CLEAResult, for single-head and multi-head Mini-Split Heat Pumps. Technicians are trained to verify proper system installation, ensuring maximum efficiency, comfort, and savings for their customers and reducing call backs due to system issues. MS Check trained contractors are also eligible for a $130 incentive per passing test. Each technician is required to have their own set of tools for AC/MS Check training and certification. Please visit www.masssave.com/hvac to review the list of trainer-recommended tool packages to ensure your technicians are equipped with the proper testing equipment prior to attending the training class. Note that the industry standard tools used for AC Check will also be used for MS Check. If tools must be purchased, retain a copy of the receipt to receive a reimbursement of up to $150 per technician. AC Check Certification is required to watch an Online Air Flow Training video before attending. This is a pre-requisite to half day AC Check classroom training (#2) A video link is provided upon receipt of paid registration Registered technicians must watch a 1 hour long video in advance of half day training May be viewed as part of a Service Meeting Complete and pass a 5 question test (retakes are OK!) Once the video and classroom training are completed, your company will receive a confirmation email along with program related materials. This email will also contain a Tech ID which is assigned to each newly trained technician. For technicians previously trained and being reinstated, their previously issued Tech ID will be reactivated. An active Tech ID enables techs to perform AC or MS Check test services to your customers.   To maintain this certification, each technician must demonstrate participation by completing a minimum of three passing and qualifying AC and MS Check tests annually (per calendar year). Failure to comply with the minimum testing requirements will result in suspension of their Tech ID, and additional training will be required.

When: Jun 13, 2019 8am in Methuen, MA

Paint night with Jefte

Come join us at Tekilas Mexican Restaurant for a paint night with the AMAZING jefte! that comes with an amazing drink made with fresh squeezed lemons juice, served with a top shelf patron shot, orange liquor and a splash of agave nectar to fuse the flavor, called LA INNOVADORA! Money raised will go towards scholarship for kids with special needs music classes!

When: Jun 20, 2019 6pm in Methuen, MA

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About Methuen, MA
Methuen Massachusetts is a community of 40,000 people located in the Lower Merrimack Valley. Voters in Methuen amended the town charter in 1993 to enact a mayor and 9 city councilors form of government. Although a city government, the community wishes to be known as "The Town of Methuen".

Industrial wealth is seen today in the mill buildings and also in the estate and civic architecture of Methuen's millionaires. The granite walls and turrets that extend through central Methuen are outstanding features and monuments to the millionaire benefactors as well as to the immigrant laborers who erected them 100 years ago.

Methuen combines suburban sub-divisions and urban neighborhoods with farm settings. Methuen Mall is a regional shopping center and Methuen's industrial parks are home to many large and prominent companies. Residents of Methuen believe that their community has something for everyone.