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Lawrence, MA - Information and Local Guide to the City of Lawrence.

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Mentor A Great Kid, kickstart your career~
Sponsored by: Children's Friend and Family Services
Minimum age: 21
Why serve as a volunteer youth mentor? 1.Acquire new skills: Any role at CFFS will require a lot of interaction with children, families, and other CFFS providers. Jump in and get your feet wet with boundless opportunities for growth!2.Volunteering shows that you are engaged in your passion: Working . . .

When: Oct 19, 2017 12am in Lawrence, MA


with Ill Nio, (Hed) P. E.
The band was founded by song writer and lead singer Edsel Dope in 1997. As a child, Edsel and his brother, Simon Dope, were separated when their parents divorced. When the two were adults, they reunited and Simon joined Edsel's band, playing keyboards. The pair then recruited Tripp Eisen as guitarist, Preston Nash as drummer, and Acey Slade as bassist.Unlike many of the popular bands from the 1990s, Dope derived their sound from influences taken from hard rock bands and fused that with the sound of industrial rock acts which had made waves earlier in the decade, such as Ministry, as well as industrial music act Skinny Puppy.In their earliest days, the band sold drugs to survive and purchase instruments. Furthermore, the name "Dope" refers to drugs and drug culture, as shown by their early T-shirt designs, which prominently displayed hypodermic needles.Current members Concert lineup: Edsel Dope - Born Brian Charles Ebejer lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, samples (1997present) Virus - Born Andre Michel Karkos lead guitar, samples, backing vocals (2000-present) Acey Slade - Born Emil John Schmidt IV guitar (1999-2001, 2012), bass (1998-1999, 2015-present) Racci "Dr. Sketchy" Shay Hart bass (2004-2005), drums (2001-2005, 2015-present) Studio Lineup: Edsel Dope - Born Brian Charles Ebejer lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, samples (1997present) Nikk Dibs lead guitar (2013-present) Virus - Born Andre Michel Karkos lead guitar, samples, backing vocals (2000-present) Jerms Genske bass (2013-present) Dan Fox drums, percussion (2013-present)Former members Simon Dope keyboard, percussions, programming (1997-2001) Sloane "Mosey" Jentry bass (2000-2004), guitar (1997-1998) Tripp Eisen - Born Tod Rex Salvador guitar (1998-2000), bass (1997-1998) Preston Nash drums (1997-2000) Adrian Ost drums (2004) Brix Milner - Born Brett Milner bass, keyboard (2005-2007) Andrew "Angel" Bartolotta drums, percussion (2006-2013) Derrick "Tripp" Tribbett bass, backing vocals (2007-2013)

When: Oct 20, 2017 6pm in Lawrence, MA
Cost: $25.00

2nd Annual NABC Casino Night Benefit - "Back to the 80s"

Join us for the 2nd Annual NA Booster Club Benefit!Hosted at Salvatore's function facility in Lawrence, MAOctober 21st 7-11pmOnce again we will be hosting a casino night to raise funds for all NABC programs!This year's theme is "Back to the 80's", so pull out your fringe jackets, tease that hair, and wear your brightest neon for a night of fun...all for a good cause!Get your tickets early as we expect a sell out this year!!!

When: Oct 21, 2017 7pm to Oct 21, 2017 7pm in Lawrence, MA

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About Lawrence, MA
Lawrence Massachusetts is located 25 miles north of Boston just off of Route 495. Built in the 1840's and planned as the nation's first industrial city and testimony to this concept are the massive mill buildings that line the Merrimack River, the striking clock and bell towers and the awesome Great Stone Dam.

The strength of the harnessed Merrimack River and its canals served to fuel the Lawrence mills that produced textiles for the American and European markets. The city was a world leader in production of cotton and woolen textiles by the early 20th century.

Lawrence has always been a multi ethnic and multi cultural city with a high proportion of foreign born residents thereby giving it the name "The Immigrant City". Waves if immigrants coming to Lawrence to work in the mills beginning in the Late 1800's and continuing to the present day have made Lawrence truly a home to everyone,

Today, Lawrence remains an urban center in which 35% of its economy is still based of manufacture. The city is still a hub of textile, apparel and shoe companies such as Malden Mills, KGR, Grieco Brothers, New Balance and Cardinal Shoe. Combined with its affordable space and convenient location, newer companies in technology, health care, and manufacturing have chosen to locate in Lawrence.

Lawrence offers recreational, historical and cultural attractions along with people committed to living and working in a safe environment. The city boasts sailing on the Merrimack, Heritage State Park, art exhibitions and a wide range of cultural activities such as ethnic festivals that celebrate Lawrence's diversity and rich heritage.