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Marlborough, MA - Local Information Guide to the city of Marlboro.

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Marlborough Events
Making a Difference Conference (MADC 19)
The Making a Difference conference provides a wonderful opportunity for Special Education Surrogate Parents (SESPs), Foster/Adoptive and Kinship Caregivers, Educators, Child Welfare Providers, Community Partners and Others to experience a full day of high quality education and networking. Attendees will come away with information and resources to assist them with supporting the at-risk students they serve.

When: Nov 19, 2019 8am to Nov 19, 2019 4pm in Marlborough, MA

Weight Loss Wednesdays - Morning Power Up

Start your day off strong by recommitting to your weight loss in the morning. We'll help you stay on track with your weight loss goals and help you get back on track when you need it. Wondering how you will survive the day/week/upcoming holidays? We'll help you make a plan you can stick to. We offer encouragement and accountability in a judgment-free zone. We talk about meal planning, help celebrate your successes, and share helpful solutions to the challenges we all face. 

When: Nov 20, 2019 9am in Marlborough, MA

Weight Loss Wednesdays - After Work Recharge

Make after-work on Wednesdays your own special time to recommit to your weight loss goals. Are you feeling stuck? Worried about how you'll keep up your healthy eating plan tomorrow/this weekend/over the holidays? Sounds familiar to us. Being overweight isn't easy but it's not permanent either. Together we'll focus on making new habits that support a healthy, fun lifestyle. This weekly group will help you celebrate what's going well and hold you up through the challenges that come along. If you're already on a healthy eating plan, we'll support you. If you're looking for one, we can offer suggestions. No weigh-ins, no product sales, just accountability and encouragement. 

When: Nov 20, 2019 7:30PM in Marlborough, MA

Buy Local
Linder's Inc. 
211 Granite Street
Worcester, MA 01607

Certified Pre-Owned Cars and Trucks - Linders Inc.
Linder's has been voted the Best Used Car Dealer in Central Mass for providing high quality, competitively-priced pre-owned cars & trucks for years. Many vehicles are low-mileage, almost new with original manufactures warranty. come see for yourself - Open 7 days!
About Marlborough, MA
Marlborough Massachusetts has quickly become known as a small city with a competitive edge. Marlborough's central and easily accessible location makes it one of New England's most convenient areas for visitors and businesses.

Along with its proximity to the entire region's largest cities, Marlborough's thousand plus hotel rooms and full range of function facilities make the city a favored choice of tourists and meeting planners. Major employers like the city's progressive management and pro business administration along with its well maintained infrastructure.

Marlborough residents enjoy its small town feel along with the amenities of a large city. People who live here are offered an impressive array of local recreational and cultural activities that include a semi-professional football team, a local symphony orchestra, downhill skiing and a renowned public library.