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Dartmouth Massachusetts Town Guide

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Dartmouth House of Correction
Sign Out Time ·      BA:  8:20 ·      THS: 8:20 It’s amazing the number and variety of career paths there are in the corrections system. If you are interested in a career in criminal justice, law, security, health care, psychology, government, adult education, nutrition & food service, maintenance, or activities planning; this might be the tour for you. While the tour will provide information on the careers available in the corrections system, you will also take part in the Dartmouth House of Corrections S.L.A.M program. S.L.A.M.E STUDENTS LEARNING A MESSAGES In the S.L.A.M. Program, students learn about inmate living conditions and experience what it’s like being in a jail cell. The tour wraps up with a frank presentation from male and female inmates about their own life and the consequences of their crimes. Every precaution is taken to ensure the utmost safety of every participant. Please Nore: This tour requires a parent/guardian signed permission slip and has specific visitor regulations..

When: May 14, 2018 9am in Dartmouth, MA

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About Dartmouth, MA
The Town of Dartmouth was incorporated in 1664 and is located in Southeastern Massachusetts in Bristol County.

Dartmouth is about 60 miles south of Boston and is the fifth largest town in Massachusetts.

The towns coastline which borders Buzzard's Bay allow for lots of fun in the sun on the beaches during the summer season for residents as well as visitors.