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New Bedford, MA - Local Guide to the City

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Yamato Drummers
Named for 'the land of Yamato," the birthplace of Japanese culture, the Yamato Drummers travel all over the word with Japan's traditional Wadaiko drums, putting their very souls into the unusual instruments. These sounds evoke what the Japanese call "Tamashy," translated as soul, spirit, and psyche - the basic elements of life. It is something that is invisible and intangible, but whose existence is certainly felt. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this pulse for yourself, as it is known to resonate within all bodies gathered at any given performance. Tickets start at $29, and are available online at zeiterion.org, by phone at 508-994-2900.

When: Jan 21, 2018 4pm in New Bedford, MA

Patti Smith

When: Jan 26, 2018 8pm in New Bedford, MA

The Soap Myth- starring Ed Asner

More than a half century after WWII, at the desperate urging of a passionate survivor (played by Ed Asner), a young investigative reporter finds herself caught between numerous versions of the same story. Against the backdrop of deadline reporting and journalistic integrity, the critically-acclaimed The Soap Myth by Jeff Cohen questions who has the right to write history - those people who have lived it and remember, those who study and protect it, or those who would seek to distort its very existence? And what is our responsibility once we know the truth? The performance will be followed by a moderated Q&A Session that includes playwright Jeff Cohen.

When: Jan 27, 2018 12am to Jan 27, 2018 12am in New Bedford, MA

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About New Bedford, MA
The City of New Bedford was founded as a town in 1787 and again later in 1847 as a city. Located in Bristol County New Bedford was once known as the whaling capitol of the world.

A vast amount of history is within the city for example there are the Art Museum, Fire Museum as well as the Museum of Modern Heritage and the Whaling National Historic Park.

It was not to long ago that the city was named one of the top ten "Green Cities" in the country. All year round the city has festivals for numerous occasions and from the lovely parks to the spectacular ocean beaches. New Bedford is a place everyone should visit and want to live.