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Hull, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Move Breathe Explore - January 21, 2017
It’s your life. Claim it. Feeling stressed in your career, business, or life? Tired of living by others’ beliefs and your own fears? Feel like you’re living amidst “too much noise”? Ready to accomplish more of what you want? Stress doesn’t have to derail you. Take a day to quiet the noise and tune into your voice. "I learned a lot, relaxed a lot, and met some wonderful women! Everything about the event was great, i.e., very organized, talented and compassionate instructors, and a great introduction by you! I’m sure I speak for a lot of women, but I do hope you do this again. I will definitely spread the word." - P. CourtneyDana Farber Cancer Institute The Positive Difference Stacey brings together a powerful group of presenters and guides for an eclectic mix of communication, leadership, life-balance, yoga, writing, creativity, movement, and meditation workshops. Women attend this retreat to increase their personal and professional effectiveness while connecting with like-minded people in a relaxed setting. Attendees walk away feeling refreshed and equipped with tools and support to: Reduce stress and burnout Improve sleep and well-being Boost confidence and resilience Attune emotional intelligence and awareness Enhance presence, communication, and listening skills Connect to values, beliefs, and sense of purpose Gain clarity and focus on next steps Increase effectiveness and productivity Live and work better What to Expect You won’t find any Power Point presentations or exhibitor booths. The day features multi-disciplinary sessions on movement, mindfulness, and creative-expression. You are encouraged to dress in active-wear and be ready to move your body and mind. Sessions May Include Yoga Meditation and mindfulness Movement and dance Creative writing and art Confidence-building activities Communication and leadership skills Life balance and boundary-setting And more! Learn more www.movebreatheexplore.com. FAQs Is my registration/ticket refundable? Tickets are NOT refundable. However, they are transferable. Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event? Minimum recommended age is 16 (accompanied by a parent)    

When: Jan 21, 2017 8:30AM in Hull, MA

The Thigh Scrapers

Trusty Sidekick & The Gravedancers open up for The Thigh Scrapers at The C Note in Hull MA

When: Feb 3, 2017 8pm in Hull, MA

Fred Meltzer- The Vanilla Burritos

When: Feb 4, 2017 8pm in Hull, MA

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About Hull, MA
Hull historians believe that its interesting history was determined by its unusual geography. The town of Hull is a long narrow peninsula projecting into Boston harbor which the Plymouth colony used to set up a trading post with the local Indians in 1621.

Hull launched the industry of tourism in the town in 1825. The magnificent beaches and easy access to Boston brought hordes of visitors. By 1840 steamers were making three trips a day between Boston and Hull.

Hull enjoyed an era of grand hotels and prominent visitors. Unfortunately gamblers and pick pockets and confidence men followed the tourists on the honky-tonk boardwalk. It was then that the town of Hull licensed the construction of Paragon Park which was described as a "marvel of fantasy". It provided safe family fun for the guests of the town.

The amusement park closed in 1985 and an entire era ended for the millions of visitors who enjoyed it for generations. The original carousel has been kept running and maintained and still stands in usage on the boulevard.

Another era began as Hull developed a suburban character and a growing number of professionals moved into town. They are drawn by the same beaches-Nantasket Beach being the most widely used-and the same proximity to Boston that drew people in the 19th century.