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Williamstown, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Williamstown Events
The Clark Art Institute, in conjunction with Pastor Mark Longhurst of the First Congregational Church of Williamstown, presents StorySLAM in celebration of the Clark's exhibition, Women Artists in Paris: 1850-1900. The exhibition is open June 9-September 3, 2018. Works by women artists who came to the nineteenth-century capital of the art world to paint and study, despite restrictive constraints that banned them from entering the École des Beaux-Arts, inspire the theme of this summer's StorySLAM: women who dared. Members of the Williamstown community and beyond are invited to hear and tell stories about inspiring, pioneering, and persistent women. StorySLAM will be held on the Fernández Terrace overlooking the reflecting pools. On the evening of the event, names of those interested in sharing stories are chosen at random, and those selected are invited to tell a five-minute story. A panel of judges provides feedback and prizes are awarded. The event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be available for purchase. True. Live. First person. No notes. No net.

When: Jun 22, 2018 12am to Jun 22, 2018 12am in Williamstown, MA

Opening Lecture: The Art of Iron

Before the advent of modern building materials, iron was used for everything from architectural gates and grills to household implements. Exhibition curator Kathleen Morris discusses some of the extraordinary objects included in the exhibition and what they tell us about bygone customs.

When: Jun 24, 2018 3pm in Williamstown, MA

Nantucket Yacht Club

When: Jun 25, 2018 12am to Aug 23, 2018 12am in Williamstown, MA

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About Williamstown, MA
The Town of Williamstown Massachusetts was founded in 1765 and is located in Berkshire County in the northwestern corner of the state.

Williamstown is home of the Sterling and Clark Art Institute which houses one of the worlds largest collections of Renoir as well as other impressionists. The Williams College Museum of Art has fine collections as well. Williamstown Theatre Festival which operates during the summer months brings marvelous Broadway and Hollywood performers to the town.

The town is acknowledged by Norman Crampton in his book The 100 Best Small Town in America which ranked Williamstown as the 18th best American Small Town, the only community in Massachusetts included in the top 100!!