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North Adams, MA - Local Guide to the City

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Caroline Rose
The multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and fierce frontwoman Caroline Rose may hail from Brooklyn, but she's a solid Berkshire favorite. Rose has been turning heads with her synth-heavy, critically acclaimed 2018 release Loner, which veered from her earlier folk sound into darkly funny, danceable pop.

When: Jul 20, 2019 12am to Jul 20, 2019 12am in North Adams, MA

The Pretenders

In the band's only North American appearance during Summer 2019, The Pretenders will play at MASS MoCA on July 26, with proceeds from this benefit concert supporting the Hans and Kate Morris Fund for New Music, which underwrites new work by emerging and established musicians.

When: Jul 26, 2019 12am to Jul 26, 2019 12am in North Adams, MA

The Pretenders

When: Jul 26, 2019 8pm in North Adams, MA

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About North Adams, MA
The City of North Adams was founded as a town in 1878 then later as a city in 1895 and is located in the Berkshire County. North Adams is best known for its decorated slate roofs and towers.

North Adams Points of interest are the Natural Bridge State Park and the Western Gateway Heritage State Park along with the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

There are currently major efforts in progress to create the largest Museum of Modern Art in the country.