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North Adams, MA - Local Guide to the City

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North Adams Events
Classic Spring Concert
The MCLA Wind Ensemble and Studio students perform in an end of semester concert. All - $0.00

When: Apr 23, 2018 7pm in North Adams, MA
Cost: $0

Into the Woods

The FPA Theatre Program presents Stephen Sondhiem's masterpiece of music theatre. Cinderella marries her prince, Jack sells his best friend for a handful of beans, Little Red defeats the wolf, and Rapunzel lets her hair down, and it all goes horribly wrong because a baker and his wife seek help from a witch to help them have a child. The community must band together to save each other from the terror of the giant, but sacrifices must be made. General Admission - $15.00 MCLA Alumni - $12.00 MCLA Faculty, Staff - $10.00 Non-MCLA Students (highschool or college) - $10.00 MCLA Students - $5.00

When: Apr 27, 2018 8pm in North Adams, MA
Cost: $5.00 - $15.00

DIRECTIONS: Sergei Isupov

Solo exhibition of ceramic sculpture by Sergei Isupov.

This exhibit is the first in a 2018 series, Directions, at Ferrin Contemporary featuring selected works by artists whose work is transitioning.  The series is led by a show featuring Ispuov’s sculpture titled Directions, a larger-than-life authoritarian figure pointing towards a group of the artist’s smaller, porcelain works exploring a range of ideas leading in new directions.

Isupov, an established sculptor based in the USA and Estonia, is world known for his surrealistic, figure-ground personal narratives which simultaneously integrate painted imagery and dimensional surfaces.  At the opening reception, the artist will demonstrate his figure-ground painting technique, and discuss the new directions explored in his recent works.

When: Apr 28, 2018 4pm in North Adams, MA

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About North Adams, MA
The City of North Adams was founded as a town in 1878 then later as a city in 1895 and is located in the Berkshire County. North Adams is best known for its decorated slate roofs and towers.

North Adams Points of interest are the Natural Bridge State Park and the Western Gateway Heritage State Park along with the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

There are currently major efforts in progress to create the largest Museum of Modern Art in the country.