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Wayland, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Attend ITIL Foundation Certificaton Training and get benefits of ITIL Foundation Certificaton Programs
What are the major career benefits of ITIL certificationITlL is the most accepted framework and read as information technology infrastructure library. ITIl is used by most of the organisation to manage IT services. ITIL is the leading set of service that describe the procedures, tasks and checklist. It provide a practical framework for manages different services so the user can have consistent experience. ITIL is used to define the processes that organization use to manage their business effectively. Many organization required efficient ITIL certified professional to maximize product effectiveness and reduce response time. ITIL helps organizations to achieve high level of business performance. It provide the management services like problem management, event management, availability management, knowledge management and many more. There are different levels of ITIL certifications which have to follow in order to get complete knowledge. These levels are ITIL Foundation, ITIL intermediate, ITIL Experts and ITIL master. Benefits for the organization perspective There are various benefits of ITIL certification for an organization. An organization can deliver more professionally by hiring a ITIL certified professional. If an organization hire ITIL experts then they can experience following benefits: Reduced service cost and improved return over investment. Improved delivery of third party services through its specification Improved morale of service delivery and recipient staff. Better asset utilization and reduced hidden costs to increase in the total cost of ownership. Increased staff retention and increased competence and productivity of staff. Increased productivity by efficient utilization of resources and save on training. Benefits for the individuals perspective Organization have realized the importance of itil certification training for the employees enhance the growth of their organization. Benefits of ITIL certification for the individuals are enlisted here: ITIL improve the confidence and capability for action in the professional. Increase the ability of professional to get better salary and promotion to higher tier roles. Professional will gain a systematic and professionally valued to increase the business productivity effectively. It provide the Competitive edge for the service provider and helps people to learn a common language for service management. ITIL learning is international Recognized qualification which increase the ability to identify, plan and support the IT services. It is a key motivator for the development of their career and improve employment designation with good salary package. ITIL is a modular scheme which focus on the need of customers for maximum productivity. itil certification training is a flexible and scalable approach so any company can adopt it. An individual have the better opportunity to settle in abroad if they are ITIL certified. It enhance the chance as being recognized as potential employees in the organization.Recommended byhttps://www.careerera.com/it-service-management/itil-foundation-certification-training

When: Aug 17, 2017 12am to Sep 6, 2020 12am in Wayland, MA

2018 Implant Mini-Residency

2018 Implant Mini-Residency4D Guided Implantology: The Art & Science and  Planning for Esthetic Success: The Team Approach SESSION 1: JUNE 29-30 - Introductory LevelThis program is specifically designed to provide a unique experience in 4D implantology from start to finish. The main objective is to share a proven digital workflow that fully engages the patients and the dental team. This enables patients to become active participants in their treatment planning process and also allows them to grasp realistic expectations of their treatment prior to committing to any procedures by identifying critical risk factors and clinical benefits. Having the best diagnostic tools, as well as the ability to execute a plan accordingly with precision is paramount. Also, having a clear, comprehensive implant staging protocol focusing on sound fundamental principles combined with advanced digital technology will bring clarity, simplicity and efficiency to your clinical care. This will aid in achieving an ideal, functional and esthetic outcome with high predictability in a minimally invasive manner. SESSION 2: SEPTEMBER 7-8 - Intermediate LevelGuided bone and tissue regeneration techniques have revolutionized clinicians’ abilities to treat a wide array of clinically challenging situations, ranging from mild to severe bone and soft tissue defects. This program will discuss efficient and precise methods of identifying various risk factors and prognosis at the time of initial consultation utilizing advanced digital technologies. It will also address surgical and restorative treatment modalities to restore form and function that satisfy the evidence-based criteria for long-term stability. Esthetically and clinically demanding areas of the anterior and posterior maxilla will be emphasized. Complications and management will also be discussed. All procedures will be demonstrated on video and will be shown step by step in great detail. SESSION 3: NOVEMBER 16-17  Advanced LevelThis course is designed for clinicians with intermediate to advanced experience in implant dentistry who desire to expand treatment solutions for patients with terminal dentition. Emphasis will be placed on proper diagnosis and treatment planning, prosthodontic, surgical and laboratory procedural protocols for fabrication and delivery of full-arch immediate-load provisional and final prosthesis based on the All-on-4® concept. A full digital workflow will be reviewed in detail. Hands-on surgical and prosthetic exercises will be performed on simulated anatomic models. Up to 48 CE credit hours. Pay for all 3 sessions at once and get a 10% discount. Dates and location subject to change.

When: Jun 29, 2018 8am in Wayland, MA

Cookbook Club

Cookbook Club -- Join us as we all cook from the same book and enjoy it potluck style!

Participants will make a recipe from a selected cookbook to share. While enjoying our homemade delights, we'll discuss the book, its author, and what each has to offer. For more information, contact Sarah Hogan at shogan@minlib.net or Rachel Sideman-Kurtz at rsideman@minlib.net.

This month's book: Spice: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean by Ana Sortun

The author will join us!

When: Jul 12, 2018 6pm to Jul 12, 2018 7:30PMin Wayland, MA

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About Wayland, MA
Located to the west of Boston, Wayland was originally settled as part of the Sudbury Plantation in 1673. Although incorporated during the year 1780 it was not founded as a town until 1835.

The town was named after a woman by the name of Francis Wayland who started the first free public library in Massachusetts in the year 1848, and was also a preacher and president of Brown University.

The town attractions include the Ground Herd House as well as the Depot which is a small shop in an old train station. Wayland also includes one of the best school systems in the state of Massachusetts.