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Norton Massachusetts - Information and Community Guide

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Friday Clothing Free Yoga
Enjoy the freedom of .. no waistbands, and no body shame, in a private, safe, nurturing and LGBTQIA friendly environment.This class is a sanctuary for all ages over 18, sizes and body shapes. And is open to all gender identifications.Leave Body Shame and Self Image issues at the door, .... ***WE ARE ALL EQUAL***Instructor Shannon lemire guides you through yoga positions and excersizes to promote better health and well being.***This Friday night class is a more gentle and stretchy type of class than Saturday night :-) Please arrive 15 mins early as no one will be allowed to enter once class has started ..... *** Please bring your own yoga mat and towel ... a blanket if you like for savasana at the end.*****Undergarments are permitted for reasons of health or hygiene**

When: Apr 27, 2018 7pm in Norton, MA

Reiki I Certification

Reiki:Life Force EnergyIs this the year that you become a Reiki practitioner? Take the first step with Jamie Breden and Melanie Sprague. They teach Usui/Holy Fire Reiki. Join them to learn this newest form of Reiki. It came to us through William Lee Rand in January of 2014. It's very calming and loving while being as strong as the ocean. Powerful and peaceful at the same time. You're sure to love this form of Reiki!Reiki is a form of healing developed by Mikao Usui in the 1920's in Japan. This healing is called an Enlightenment. The energy comes into the practitioner and is channeled through the palms of your hands and given to the intended receiver. While Reiki is often described as hands-on, it is most often done at a small, 2 inches, distance, and can also be sent long distance. It is both gentle and powerful.This class includes*Meditation*History of Reiki*Introduction to the Reiki Masters*Attunement*CertificationYou'll be on your way to becoming a Reiki Practitioner.*Saturday May 19th*10am - 4pm*RSVP by May 11th*$150 per person.**Any questions, please call White Wolf Dancing Holistic Healing and Energy center at 508 409 1682. **

When: Apr 29, 2018 7pm in Norton, MA

Yoga in the park

This program is geared towards students brand new to Yoga, or to those with experience that aren’t quite sure if they are getting the most that they can out of their current yoga practice. Everyone is welcome just as they are on their own personal journey towards greater non-judgmental self-awareness. There are no fitness prerequisites to be able to develop a very meaningful and effective yoga practice. At the end of this program, students will feel comfortable to join ANY yoga class, or confident to continue to develop their own home practice, with no teacher needed.

When: May 2, 2018 9:30AM in Norton, MA

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About Norton, MA
The Town of Norton Massachusetts was settled in 1669 and was previously known as North Taunton. The name was shortened to Norton when it was officially established in 1710.

Norton is known to golfers for the PGA tournament that is held at the Tournament Players Club, a private golf course that attracts the best golfers to the town every year.

Taunton is located in Bristol County about 30 miles southwest of Boston and only 15 miles north of Providence Rhode Island with easy access from Interstate 495.