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Easton Massachusetts - Information & Local Easton Business Guide

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4 BedroomBR Single Family HomeSingle - $1,100,000
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Easton Events
Dolphin Athletic Association: LeMoyne @ Stonehill Outreach Event
The DAA - Outreach Event serves as an enjoyable, fun, and professional setting for Le Moyne fans in the New England area to gather socially

When: Jan 11, 2020 12pm in Easton, MA

New Year + New Intentions: Candlelit Meditation & Sound Bath with Tara Atwood: Open Doors Yoga, Easton, MA

A Meditation For Reinventing Yourself In The New Year There is always an open door to reinventing yourself. If we move with the events of life, holding on to our memories but letting go of the past, and plan for the future but meet openly whatever arises, we discover that our life is more vibrant and free than anything we imagined. Designated as our chance at new beginnings, Jan. 1 invites a fresh start, a time to release worn-out patterns and commit to shaping our lives with bright intentions. In this New Year Meditation + Sound Bath you are invited to bring your body/heart/soul into this practice to become more aware of, and release anything, that blocks your way to experiencing more fully the ever-emerging you in our one ever-emerging life.

When: Jan 12, 2020 4pm in Easton, MA

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About Easton, MA
The Town of Easton Massachusetts was founded in 1725 and is located in the Bristol County area about 40 miles south of Boston.

Easton is a beautiful pleasant community in which residents take great pride!