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Easton Massachusetts - Information & Local Easton Business Guide

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6 BedroomBR Single Family HomeSingle - $885,000
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Business Plan Coaching at Southeastern Regional Tech
Sponsored by: New England
Minimum age: 18
. . . . . .

When: Apr 3, 2019 9am in Easton, MA

Business Plan Coaching at Southeastern Regional Tech

Sponsored by: New England
Minimum age: 18
. . . . . .

When: Apr 4, 2019 9am in Easton, MA

3rd Annual Kyle's Legacy Walk to Benefit Canine Cancer Research

Join us for our 3rd Annual Kyle's Legacy Walk!!  We are so excited to continue our main fundraising event and hope to have another successful year.  Thank you to all who participated last May, we hope you will join us again and bring your friends.  In 2018, we raised $3175 (127 tickets) for the Baker Institute for Animal Health, and just over $500 raised for Kyle’s Legacy Inc's new Star Light Program, financial aid for qualified families in MA needing diagnosis or first round treatment for early stage cancer.   Please note that due to production times, T-shirt sizes cannot be guaranteed on tickets sold after April 20, 2019.  So reserve your spot today. Cancer touches us all.  Whether it be canine or human, we all know someone who has suffered.  Cancer is often silent until it is too late.  Join us in in supporting canine cancer research, and help protect future generations of furry loved ones. Research today, saves future lives. Kyle's Legacy Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in MA  EIN 81-5296088.  http://www.kyleslegacyinc.com The Baker Institute for Animal Health at Cornell University is a registered 501(c)(3) FID 15-0532082.  http://www.vet.cornell.edu/baker/ 

When: May 5, 2019 10am in Easton, MA

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About Easton, MA
The Town of Easton Massachusetts was founded in 1725 and is located in the Bristol County area about 40 miles south of Boston.

Easton is a beautiful pleasant community in which residents take great pride!