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Attleboro Massachusetts - information guide to the City

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OUR CLASSIC HOME SIGNS with a NEW SIGN - HOME HORIZONTAL with INTERCHANGEABLES 1.Our vertical HOME sign with a Cotton wreath measures 36" x 9.25" and can be personalized with your name on the top and established date on the bottom. 2. Our horizontal HOME sign with a 10" genuine Boxwood wreath. 3. Horizontal HOME with a painted wreath!  4. Our HOME porch signs consist of three designs and they measure 48"x9"   The Welcome to our HOME with a painted wreath is absolutely beautiful!  Welcome to our HOME porch signs: one with MA and the other (not shown) with Rhode Island both are statement pieces! 5. HOME SWEET HOME - a personalized pallet sign 6. HOME - Where our story begins - a 16x36" pallet sign 7. What I Love most about my home... single plank sign 14x24 8. Farmhouse Style HOME w/wreath & twine (this sign can be done in your choice of colors as well) 9. Round 17" HOME ...the most important work you will ever do... 10. Welcome to our home - single pallet 9.25x36" 11. HOME horizontal with five (5) interchangeable cut-outs - 25 to choose from!! All of our signs can be customized with your choice of paint & stain colors during the workshop. You will be able to include applicable personalization on our order form. Additional or different wreaths can be purchased during class. Our beer & wine bar will be open during the workshop; we accept cash & credit (min $10). Please feel free to bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages!  Note: Any requests for design changes may incur a design fee.   **Changes cannot be made the night of the event** Door opens at 6:45 pm If you have any questions or prefer not to buy your ticket online - please call us - 508-316-4532  ***PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE TICKET INSURANCE - THIS IS OFFERED BY EVENTBRITE - NOT THE CRAFT BAR!!!

When: Jul 25, 2019 7pm in Attleboro, MA


Join us at The CRAFT BAR for Christmas in July!! Choose from the following: 1. Four foot tall "Christmas Memories" with family name - Christmas card holder 2. ROUND "Cookies for Santa" sign, or make it a Lazy Susan or tray during the workshop! 3. HOME for the Holidays personalized pallet sign!  4. Centerpiece Box with two different designs to choose from - Candy Cane Co. or Merry Christmas 5. Our new OVERSIZED WINTER SLED with three designs to choose from!!!  You will be able to customize with your choice of paint or stain during the event.  Creative ability is not required - you will leave with a beautiful project for your home or to gift with pride! Any questions or prefer not to buy your tickets online?   CALL US 508-316-4532 *NO CHANGES at the event *DO NOT PURCHASE EVENTBRITE INSURANCE - it's costly and we have a no refund policy but you will have an in-house credit if you need to cancel. 

When: Jul 26, 2019 7pm in Attleboro, MA


Join us at The CRAFT BAR for our oversized 24" CLOCK workshop! **VERY LIMITED SEATING DUE TO SIZE - THIS CLASS WILL SELL OUT!  Choose from: 1. Time spent with family in script and Roman numerals  2. Family name & est. date on a traditional "Courthouse" clock with numbers  3. Family name & est. date in script with Roman numerals! You will be able to customize with your own choice of paint & stain colors during the workshop. You will be able to include your personalization on our order form.  Our cash beer & wine bar will be open during the workshop. Please feel free to bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages!  DOOR OPENS AT 6:45 PM Prefer to not buy your ticket online? PLEASE CALL US Custom questions? Please email us: thecraftbar2018@yahoo.com CALL US: 508-316-4532 OR private message us on Facebook *No changes the night of the event - if you have questions please call us! ** PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE INSURANCE OFFERED BY EVENTBRITE; IT IS COSTLY AND WE WILL ISSUE AN IN-HOUSE CREDIT IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL.

When: Jul 31, 2019 7pm in Attleboro, MA

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About Attleboro, MA
The City of Attleboro Massachusetts was founded as a city in 1914 and is located in Bristol County and known as the birth place of the jewelry industry in New England.

Attleboro is a city with a country look and feel located in the heart of the city is the Capron Park Zoo that features a nocturnal exhibit, a tropical rain forest, and exotic animals.

Attleboro Mass is also home to the LaSalette Shrine whose Christmas light demonstration is one of the most amazing displays in New England and it attracts visitors from all over the United States.